Testing ASP.NET Core MVC web apps in-memory

This post was written and submitted by Javier Calvarro Nelson, a developer on the ASP.NET Core MVC team Testing is an important part of the development process of any app. In this blog post we’re going to explore how we can test ASP.NET Core MVC app using an in-memory server. This approach has several advantages:… Read more

Unit testing with DNX (ASP.NET 5) projects

One common question that I get is “How do I unit test my ASP.NET 5 (DNX) projects?” The biggest reason for the question is because we don’t have a good starting point (File->New Project) for unit testing. I’m happy to say that today we’ve solved this problem. We now have templates for both Visual Studio… Read more

Visual Studio 2010 MVC 2 Upgrade Wizard

Prior to the RTM release of Visual Studio 2010, the only way to upgrade an ASP.Net MVC 1 application to ASP.Net MVC 2 was to use Eilon Lipton’s tool. With the release of Visual Studio 2010 you will now be able to open your MVC 1 projects in Visual Studio 2010 and upgrade them to… Read more

Updated NUnit Templates for ASP.Net MVC 1.0 RTM

ASP.Net MVC 1.0 RTM has been out for a while and I noticed that people are still downloading an NUnit sample project I created for ASP.Net MVC Preview 3. Since then an AccountController class and a corresponding set of unit tests have been added to the MVC Application project. I created an updated set of… Read more

ASP.NET MVC Preview 3 Tooling Updates And Updated NUnit Test Project Templates

Note: Please see this post for an updated set of templates created for ASP.NET MVC RTM: http://blogs.msdn.com/webdevtools/archive/2009/04/28/updated-nunit-templates-for-asp-net-mvc-1-0-rtm.aspx    Earlier this week ScottGu announced the release of ASP.NET MVC Preview 3 and outlined some recent changes to the framework. I wanted to give you an update on the tooling enhancements for preview 3. The two major enhancements you… Read more

ASP.NET MVC Framework Preview 2 (Mix 2008) Resources

I am attempting to compile the relevant resources for ASP.NET MVC Framework Preview 2 at one place so that you will not have to keep searching around… ASP.NET MVC Preview 2 Download Location: Preview 2 Download (English-US) – Microsoft.com download location to get the latest MVC bits… ASP.NET MVC Documentation: Home Page – Asp.Net home… Read more