The week in .NET – 8/23/2016

To read last week’s post, see The week in .NET – 8/16/2016. On .NET Last week, we moved into our new studios with Channel 9, where JB Evain joined me to interview Lucas Meijer from Unity. We had our fair share of technical hiccups, but Lucas gave some great demos: This week, we’ll bump up… Read more

PowerShell is now open-source, and cross-platform

The PowerShell team made a few announcements today: it’s going open-source, and it’s now available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is excellent news in itself, but the .NET team wanted to take the time to analyze what this means for .NET developers. First, the availability of PowerShell on Linux and macOS, while it doesn’t… Read more

The week in .NET – 8/16/2016

To read last week’s post, see The week in .NET – 8/9/2016. On .NET Last week, we had Pablo Santos and Francisco Monteverde to talk about PlasticSCM, a version control system with interesting features such as semantic merge and digital asset management. If you think version control is done and that Git is the end… Read more

Introducing the .NET Framework Monthly Rollup

We are making an important change to .NET Framework updates to align with the Windows Monthly Rollup, also announced today. Beginning October 2016, you will be able to install a new update release called the .NET Framework Monthly Rollup. The rollup will update the .NET Framework with the latest security and quality improvements. The .NET… Read more

The week in .NET – 8/9/2016

To read last week’s post, see The week in .NET – 8/2/2016. On .NET Last week on the show, we had Frank Krueger to talk about his amazing Continuous C# and F# IDE for the iPad. This week, we’ll speak with Francisco Monteverde about PlasticSCM. Package of the week: OxyPlot OxyPlot is an open source… Read more

Announcing .NET Framework 4.6.2

Today we are excited to announce the availability of the .NET Framework 4.6.2! Many of the changes are based on your feedback, including those submitted on UserVoice and Connect. Thanks for your continued help and engagement! The release is packed with lots of great improvements in the following areas: Base Class Library Common Language Runtime ClickOnce… Read more

The week in .NET – 8/2/2016

To read last week’s post, see The week in .NET – 7/26/2016. On .NET We had no show last week, and the guest for this week is still to be determined. Please check the On .NET channel on YouTube for updates. Package of the week: AForge.NET AForge.NET is an open source C# framework designed for… Read more

Entity Framework Core 1.1 Plans

Now that Entity Framework Core (EF Core) 1.0 is released, our team is beginning work on bug fixes and new features for the 1.1 release. Keep in mind that it’s early days for this release, we’re sharing our plans in order to be open, but there is a high chance things will evolve as we… Read more

.NET Support and Versioning

This post was written by Lee Coward. We’ve travelled many new roads in the process of releasing .NET Core 1.0, ASP.NET Core 1.0 and Entity Framework Core 1.0. Developing the projects in the open and delivering to Mac and Linux have been exciting experiences and the feedback we continue to receive shows that the excitement… Read more

The week in .NET – 7/26/2016

To read last week’s post, see The week in .NET – 7/19/2016. On .NET Last week, we had Rowan Miller on the show to talk about Entity Framework. This week’s show has been canceled and is anticipated to return next week. Package of the week: OpenPop.NET OpenPop.NET is an open source implementation of a POP3… Read more