SUSE’s Linux distros for WSL now available in the Windows Store

We’re excited to announce that you can now download & install openSUSE Leap 42 and SLES 12 via the Windows Store RIGHT NOW! Important Note: You will need to be running any Windows 10 Insider build >= #16215 and have the WSL optional component enabled. We’ve been excitedly waiting for this moment ever since we…


Ubuntu now available from the Windows Store!

Today, we’re excited to announce that Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux Distro is now available in the Windows Store and can be downloaded and installed on any Windows 10 Insider build >= #16215! Note: Because Windows 10 Insider builds are essentially weekly snapshots of the next version of Windows 10 as it’s being built, this feature will…


Understanding Windows Console Host Settings

Welcome to the first of several posts that describe some of the inner workings of the Windows Console. This post was written by Craig Loewen (our awesome 2017 summer intern), and Paul Campbell (SDE on Windows Console, Cmd, & Bash on Windows). Settings in the Windows Console Host can be a bit tricky to understand….


Developer Mode no longer required for Windows Subsystem for Linux

As of Windows 10 Insider build >= 16215, you no longer have to enable Developer Mode (Settings -> Update & Security -> For Developers) in order to run Bash on Ubuntu on Windows! Why? This restriction was first put in place to safeguard non-technical users from inadvertently using a feature that was, at the time,…


Great Bash Intro Video from Build 2017

In case you’ve not seen it yet, Bash/WSL team members Yosef, Paul & Ben, along with Sean Larkin (WebPack) & Ken Wheeler (FormidableLabs) talk about what Bash/WSL is, what it’s for, and why it’s an essential tool to them! Be sure to watch, and comment below and/or hit us up on Twitter if you have…


Will Linux distros run on Windows 10 S?

Will Linux distros run on Windows 10 S? Many people have asked “You just announced that Linux distro’s are coming to the Windows Store – will they run on Windows 10 S?” The answer is No! Just because an “app” comes from the Windows Store does NOT automatically mean that it’s safe & suitable for…


New distros coming to Bash/WSL via Windows Store

We’re REALLY excited about this announcement and think many of you will be too 😉 On May 11th 2017, during Microsoft’s Build conference keynote, Terry Myerson (EVP for Windows & Devices Group) made several announcements about the Windows Subsystem for Linux: We continue our partnership with our friends at Canonical to bring Ubuntu to the…


Windows 10 Creators Update: What's new in Bash/WSL & Windows Console

When Windows 10 Anniversary Update (AU) was shipped, the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) was still far from complete, and was known to have many incompatibilities, especially with popular developer tools like node.js, Java, etc. However, it was important to get this exciting new feature into the hands of real users so that we could…


Haskell on Bash/WSL

I’ve recently received a couple of questions asking when Haskell support would be added to WSL, and was surprised since I thought Bash/WSL users were aware of the fact that Haskell has been working for the last few weeks, ever since #14986 in fact, but it appears that we’d not explicitly communicated the fact, so ……


Use Visual C++ for Linux to build and debug C++ code on the Windows Subsystem for Linux

Visual Studio 2017 Install Options
Visual Studio 2017 Install Options

I first learned about Visual C++ for Linux, which was released in March 2016, shortly before the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) was first announced. I was immediately blown away by how VERY cool this feature of Visual Studio is! What’s insanely cool about this feature is that when the project is built, VS opens an…


Bash in Windows Insider build 15002 - many fixes but a couple of bugs!

[Update 2017-02-07] Note that both of the two issues noted below have been fixed in more recent Insider builds Windows Insider build #15002 started shipping to Windows Insider Fast Ring users today, January 9th 2017. As is often the case in software development, after many teams have been beavering-away on their features for several months, things really start…


Rumors of Cmd’s death have been greatly exaggerated

This post is in response to a story published on December 6th 2016 by ComputerWorld titled “Say goodbye to the MS-DOS command prompt” and its follow-up article “Follow-up: MS-DOS lives on after all”. These “stories” were subsequently picked up by Business Insider and Life Hacker among others and fueled a number of concerned Tweets some…


Do not change Linux files using Windows apps and tools

Do not create/modify Linux files from Windows apps/tools
Do not create/modify Linux files from Windows apps/tools

I have to provide this guidance at least 2-3 times a day so instead I am publishing it here so everyone can find / link-to this guidance. There is one hard-and-fast rule when it comes to Bash on Windows: DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, create and/or modify Linux files using Windows apps, tools, scripts, consoles,…


More easily invoke Windows apps and tools from Bash on Windows

Along with support for ifconfig & network connection enumeration, Windows 10 Insider Build 14965 delivers a small but important change was made which will enable you more easily invoke Windows tools & applications from within Bash: Your Windows user environment path is now appended to the WSL path by default. This means you can now type…


ifconfig and network connection enumeration support in Windows 10 Insider build 14965

Enable network connection enumeration is currently the most-requested idea in our command-line User Voice. Or at least it was, until Windows 10 Insider build #14965 was released, which support for network connection enumeration: via the command-line using the ifconfig command via the /proc/net/dev virtual device via the Netlink socket’s NETLINK_ROUTE protocol’s RTM_GETLINK and RTM_GETADDR API Below is a…


WSL adds Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial support

Not only does Windows 10 Insider build #14951 introduce Bash <–> Windows interop, it also delivers support for Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial). While many of our more intrepid early-adopters have manually upgraded their Ubuntu 14.04 instances to Ubuntu 16.04, as of Windows 10 Insider build #14951, if you clean-install a new Linux instance or uninstall and…


Interop between Windows and Bash

Note: Also be sure to read the follow-up to this post that covers a subsequent improvement in that you no longer have to specify the absolute path to Windows executables if they exist on your path! Content below updated to reflect this change! Windows 10 Insider build #14951 has just landed and includes a very exciting new…


WSL adds inotify & filesystem change notification support

Over the last few weeks, the Windows Subsystem for Linux team have been cranking away, fixing lots of issues, completing several scenarios that we were unable to complete before shipping Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and adding support for new capabilities that light-up additional tools and scenarios. A key capability that many developer have been waiting…


24-bit Color in the Windows Console!

24-bit Color Grids
24-bit Color Grids

One of the most frequent requests we receive is to increase the number of colors that the Windows Console can support. We love nothing more than to deliver features you ask for!