Profile and Time your ASP.NET MVC app all the way to Azure

Successful web app dev teams generally consider performance a requirement from the beginning,  not an afterthought. Performance should be considered in all phases of a project, from design and into production, including updates to the app. That’s not to say you should try to optimize code before you’ve measured it, you really don’t know what… Read more

Request for Real-World Web Applications

In preparation for enhancing Visual Studio design-time experience testing, we’d like to collect a catalog of real world applications to use for performance, stress, and ad hoc testing by the Web Platform and Tools team.  We’re looking for small, medium, and large applications covering a range of architectures, languages, frameworks, and features. Your contributions will… Read more

General Performance Improvements in VS2010 since Beta2

When we released Beta2 in Oct 2009, there was a lot of customer excitement about the super cool features in VS 2010. However, one recurring complaint from customers was that the performance of VS 2010 was not on par with Orcas. Customers were experiencing general slowness in a lot of features that was hindering them… Read more

Hotfix for Visual Studio hang when opening Web project from a remote site

Under certain conditions opening Web projects from remote sites may become very slow. We’ve seen quite a few ‘hang’ reports submitted via ‘Send Information to Microsoft’ feedback (aka Dr. Watson). The reason is that sometimes XML editor (which is used when you edit web.config) may begin walking remote Web site file structure looking for XML schema… Read more

Workaround for a slow closing of Web projects

A few users reported that with Web projects located on a remote machine closing project or solution may hang Visual Studio and Visual Web Developer Express for several minutes. We fould that the issue may be caused by VS logging component that collects information on product usage. This is an opt-in feature activated in Help | Customer Feedback… Read more

Dev 10 Performance Improvements Planning

Web Development Tools team is planning to spend cycles in Dev10 to improve the performance of Web Development scenarios. In that effort, we have identified the following areas where we should maintain parity with VS 2008 SP1/ improve for Dev 10. We came up with the list based on our team’s tests/ regular usage/ customer… Read more

Troubleshooting "Visual Studio 2008 Design view hangs" issues

Over the last few months we’ve collected information on various issues related to design view not working in Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Web Developer Express 2008. Here is list of known issues and possible solutions: Microsoft Visual Studio Web Authoring Component fails to install. 1. Pre-release Office 2007 components are installed. Most often it… Read more

Anti-virus programs can affect VS build performance

We have had complaints from some customers saying that their Web Project build performance with VS is very slow and it turns out that for some of the complaints the actual issue was anti-virus programs running on their machines. So, how do anti-virus programs affect VS build? Please take a look at the following snippet from… Read more

Public alias to report performance issues with VWD 2008

As a part of creating a way for customers to directly communicate with the product team and get help if they are running into performance issues in Visual Web Developer 2008 or web-related features in Visual Studio 2008, the product team has created a public alias to report all performance related concerns about the product…. Read more