Request for Real-World Web Applications

In preparation for enhancing Visual Studio design-time experience testing, we’d like to collect a catalog of real world applications to use for performance, stress, and ad hoc testing by the Web Platform and Tools team.  We’re looking for small, medium, and large applications covering a range of architectures, languages, frameworks, and features. Your contributions will… Read more

Visual Studio 2010 Property Grid Filtering

Visual Studio 2010 improves .NET framework multi-targeting by applying framework-appropriate filtering to the property grid and Intellisense. For example, if you select a button on a web form of a .NET 2.0 web project, in the Property Grid you  will see: If you go to the Project Properties and change the Target Framework version to… Read more

Web Platform Installer

Yesterday Microsoft released Web Platform Installer (WPI) Release Candidate to the web at  Betas have been available for a while, but the release version contains several new features.  This is a one-stop-shopping installer for free Microsoft web development software; everything you need in one place.The web page contains everything you need, including a video… Read more