ASP.NET Core 2.2.0-preview1: Healthchecks

What is it? We’re adding a health checks service and middleware in 2.2.0 to make it easy to use ASP.NET Core in environments that require health checks – such as Kubernetes. The new features are set of libraries defining an IHealthCheck abstraction and service, as well as a middleware for use in ASP.NET Core. Health… Read more

ASP.NET Core 2.2.0-preview1: HTTP/2 in Kestrel

As part of the 2.2.0-preview1 release, we’ve added support for HTTP/2 in Kestrel. What is HTTP/2? HTTP/2 is a major revision of the HTTP protocol. Some of the notable features of HTTP/2 are support for header compression and fully multiplexed streams over the same connection. While HTTP/2 preserves HTTP’s semantics (HTTP headers, methods, etc) it… Read more

ASP.NET Core 2.2.0-preview1 now available

Today we’re very happy to announce that the first preview of the next minor release of ASP.NET Core and .NET Core is now available for you to try out. We’ve been working hard on this release over the past months, along with many folks from the community, and it’s now ready for a wider audience… Read more

LibMan CLI Released

The Command Line Interface (CLI) is now available for Microsoft Library Manager (LibMan) and can be downloaded via NuGet. Look for Microsoft.Web.LibraryManager.Cli The LibMan CLI is cross-platform, so you’ll be able to use it anywhere that .NET Core is supported (Windows, Mac, Linux). Install the LibMan CLI To install LibMan, type: > dotnet tool install… Read more

Improvements in Visual Studio 2017 15.8 for web and Azure developers

This week we released Visual Studio 2017 version 15.8. Our 15.8 update brings the following improvements for web developers: Custom docker image tags during Publish Zip push deployment for Azure Functions Managing Azure Functions application settings Enabling Application Insights as part of publishing to Azure App Service Managing user secrets in ASP.NET Framework projects (targeting… Read more

Blazor 0.5.0 experimental release now available

Update: We released Blazor 0.5.1 to address several customer reported issues. If you have already installed Blazor 0.5.0 please update to the 0.5.1 patch (release notes). Blazor 0.5.0 is now available! This release explores scenarios where Blazor is run in a separate process from the rendering process. Specifically, Blazor 0.5.0 enables the option to run… Read more

Exploring Azure App Service – Azure Diagnostics

If you’ve followed our previous posts about using Azure App Service to host web apps in the cloud (1. Introduction to App Service, 2. Hosting web apps that use SQL) you’re already familiar with how easy it is to get an app running in the cloud; but what if the app doesn’t work correctly (it’s… Read more

Razor Improvements – Feedback Wanted

In recent releases of Visual Studio 2017, there has been a great focus on improving the experience of working with Razor files (*.cshtml). The improvements were aimed at addressing the most pressing customer-facing issues and included changes from formatting and IntelliSense to general performance and reliability. Now that the fixes and enhancements have been publicly… Read more

Workaround for Bower Version Deprecation

As of June 25, the version of Bower shipped with Visual Studio was deprecated, resulting in Bower operations failing when run in Visual Studio. If you use Bower, you will see an error something like: EINVRES Request to failed with 502 This will be fixed in Visual Studio 15.8. In the meantime, you can… Read more

Changes to script debugging in Visual Studio 15.7

We’re always looking for ways to make developing with Visual Studio faster.  One of the tasks developers do many times a day is launching debugging sessions.  We identified that script debugging added about 1.5s per F5, but only about 15.5% of people actively debugged script using Visual Studio. Based on the above, in Visual Studio… Read more