.NET Core and ASP.NET Launches a Beta Bug Bounty Program.

A guest post from Barry Dorrans, the security lead for ASP.NET Today, with great excitement, we announce an introductory 3 month bug bounty program for .NET Core and ASP.NET, our new open source, cross platform runtime and web stack. The program encompasses the latest beta version, beta 8 and any subsequent beta or release candidates released… Read more

Announcing Availability of ASP.NET 5 Beta8

ASP.NET 5 beta8 is now available both on NuGet and as a tooling update to Visual Studio 2015! This release greatly expands the supported surface area of .NET Core on OS X and Linux. You can now use networking, cryptography and globalization features cross-platform! This release also includes some nice improvements to ASP.NET 5, DNX and… Read more

Receive WebHooks from Azure Alerts and Kudu (Azure Web App Deployment)

The Microsoft ASP.NET WebHooks preview is moving forward! We have received two very cool source contributions adding support for Kudu (Azure Web App Deployment) and Bitbucket. There is a sample for Bitbucket, but here we will focus on Kudu as well as Azure Alerts which just announced support for WebHooks. Kudu provides a ton of… Read more