PIX is far from finished: we have a long list of things we’d like to improve and add.  This list is both incomplete and uncommitted, so no guarantee that we’ll actually ever do all these!  But we wanted to share it anyway, to give you some idea of where we are likely to go next, and to get your feedback about priorities and what we are missing.  Items toward the top of this list are likely to appear in PIX sooner than the ones further down.

  • Support ‘bindless’ GPU resource access tracking for DXIL shaders.
  • Integrate ‘bindless’ GPU resource access tracking into API usage warnings and resource history.
  • Select which GPU PIX should run analysis on.
  • Enable child process capture when the parent and child process render simultaneously, and when the parent is an x86 process.
  • GPU memory usage should track command allocators, pipeline state objects, and descriptor heaps, as well as regular GPU resource heap allocations.
  • Timing captures should show GPU signals/fences.
  • Improved ability to take captures programmatically.
  • Add more Dr. PIX experiments, API usage warnings, and System Monitor counters.
  • Tools to artificially simulate running on a GPU with less video memory, TDR, and display changes such as monitor add/remove.
  • API summary statistics (how many draw calls, resource barriers, etc.)
  • Support apps that make simultaneous use of multiple GPUs.
  • Support for optionally collect Performance Monitoring Counters in Function Summary and Callgraph captures.
  • Assembly level instruction tracing to help you identify candidates for micro-optimizations within a function.
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