PIX 1707.25 – counter rollup, new Dr. PIX experiments, pixel kill reason, and pixtool.exe

Today we released PIX 1707.25 beta. New in this release: GPU counter improvements GPU counter values are now accurately rolled up from individual draws to their parent regions Added support for some AMD R5xx GPUs that did not previously work with PIX Improved accuracy of the crop__sol_pct and zrop__sol_pct counters on NVIDIA GPUs Dr. PIX…


PIX 1706.25.002 – system monitor and timing capture improvements

Today we released PIX 1706.25.002 beta and an updated WinPixEventRuntime (version 1.0.170625002). New in this release: System Monitor displays realtime counter data while a game is running Present statistics (fps, frame duration, sync interval) GPU memory usage (commitment, budget, demotions) Custom title counters reported by the WinPixEventRuntime PIXReportCounter API Continuous timing captures Record timing data…


PIX 1705.17 – Intel GPU counters

PIX 1705.17 beta is now available for download. This release introduces a partnership with Intel.  We are pleased to announce that PIX now supports a set of ~200 hardware performance counters when running on a compatible Intel GPU.  The new data includes processing counts, busy percentages, and bottleneck information from different parts of the rendering…


PIX 1705.16 – AMD GPU counters, preliminary DXIL support, and more warnings

Today we released PIX 1705.16 beta.  New in this release: AMD GPU counters Preliminary support for DXIL (shader model 6) More D3D12 usage warnings Fixed problem capturing titles that use large numbers of resource heaps HLSL syntax highlighting   AMD GPU Counters We are delighted to announce a partnership with AMD to enable a rich…


PIX 1704.27 – D3D12 usage warnings, Dr. PIX, and CPU hotpath analysis

Today we released PIX 1704.27 beta.  New in this release: PIX warnings can now automatically detect some common but inefficient D3D12 usage patterns First couple of Dr. PIX queries are now available on Windows CPU hotpath analysis in timing captures Create sections of your package layout file from File IO captures Merge multiple traces into…


PIX 1704.14-servicing – graphics driver compatibility fix

Today we released a bugfix update: PIX 1704.14-servicing.  This resolves an incompatibility between PIX and the latest NVIDIA graphics drivers.  This version is otherwise identical to the previous 1703.20.002 release (but stay tuned – we are hard at work on some new features that will be showing up soon).


PIX videos on Channel 9

From GDC 2017, Shawn Hargreaves and Max McMullen talk about D3D12 Performance Tuning and Debugging with PIX and GPU Validation. Seth Juarez talks to Brian Rasmussen from the PIX team and Cameron Egbert from the Minecraft team about debugging and performance optimization for DirectX 12 games with PIX on Windows.


Using PIX on hybrid graphics systems

If you are using PIX on a laptop which contains both integrated and discrete GPUs, you may be disappointed to notice that we currently¹ default to running the PIX analysis engine on the less powerful integrated part. For those who prefer to use the discrete GPU, we have added documentation about how to configure that…


PIX 1702.23.002 – visualizers, better warnings UI, memory capture type tracking, and MSAA sample inspection

Today we released PIX 1702.23.002 beta.  New in this release: Rendertarget visualizers Improved Warnings user interface Memory captures now show allocated types On some hardware, the Pipeline view can now inspect individual sample values from MSAA rendertargets and depth buffers Shader debugging bugfixes Improved performance on captures that use tiled resources   Rendertarget visualizers are…


PIX 1701.26 – GPU counter rollup, thread names, and high DPI UI

Today we released PIX 1701.26 beta and an updated WinPixEventRuntime (version 1.0.170126001).  The event runtime upgrade is optional, as the latest PIX is compatible with older event runtimes. Most of these changes are in response to early feedback from customers.  Your input is valuable to us, so please keep it coming! New in this release:…