pixtool.exe is a command line utility for taking and analyzing PIX GPU captures.  It installs to the same location as the rest of PIX, under "%programfiles%\Microsoft PIX".

Current pixtool features:

  • Launch UWP or Win32 applications for GPU capture
  • Take GPU captures
  • Open existing GPU captures
  • List the available GPU counters
  • Save event list data (which can include columns of your choosing such as timing or GPU counter data) in CSV format
  • Force playback with the Direct3D debug layer enabled
  • Extract the screenshot from a capture to a PNG file

We will be adding more functionality in future releases, such as the ability to save out the contents of rendertargets after PIX playback.

Run “pixtool --help” for detailed usage instructions.


> pixtool.exe open-capture citydemo.pix3 save-event-list events.csv --counter-groups=D3D*
0.0: Launching GpuPlayback engine
0.1: Opening pix\citydemo.pix3#0
0.2: Starting analysis on localhost
2.7: Getting event list for 22 columns on Graphics Queue 0
2.9: Writing events.csv

The resulting events.csv file can then be processed by other tools, or loaded into Excel:


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