Handling SQL Azure Connections issues using Entity Framework 4.0

    The underlying platform within SQL Azure consists of many instances of SQL Server, each of which is managed by the SQL Azure fabric. The SQL Azure fabric is a distributed computing system composed of tightly integrated networks, servers, and storage. It enables automatic failover, load balancing, and automatic replication between physical servers. Troubleshooting…


Just released V1.0 of our DDD NLayered Architecture Guide/Book and Sample-App (Free eBook)

[UPDATED – April 2017] – IMPORTANT:  For up-to-date architecture and development guidance using .NET (i.e. .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Docker containers, etc.) including Domain-Driven Design patterns, microservices architectures and other .NET related technologies like Xamarin for mobile apps check this landing page pointing to multiple NEW guides and reference applications: https://www.microsoft.com/net/architecture/ Specifically, most of the DDD…


The future of Silverlight! See SILVERLIGHT FIRESTARTER on Dec. 2nd!!

There was quite a lot of buzz after PDC talking about HTML5 vs. Silverlight and wondering what will be Silverlight’s future. Well, here we have it. There’s gonna be a single event just for that, to have it clear. I strongly believe that Silverlight is here to stay. It is much more powerful than HTML5…


Summary of New ‘Windows Azure Platform’ features announced at PDC10 Oct. 28th-29th 2010

So, great news at PDC10!. Here I make a summary about new features per Windows Azure Platform pillar (Windows Azure, SQL Azure, AppFabric): Windows Azure New Windows Azure Features State Description VM role Beta in 2010 Eases the migration of existing Windows Server applications to Windows Azure Extra Small VM Beta in 2010 For small…


Follow PDC10 on-line!!

This is going to be the first time where anybody will be able to follow the whole PDC (all sessions) on-line!. Follow PDC on-line from this URL: http://player.microsoftpdc.com/session?refid=73401 Also, here you can see about this new PDC on-line experience: https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/The+Knowledge+Chamber/PDC10-and-the-new-Online-Experience   


Windows Azure Management Pack for SCOM (RC) has just been published!!

The Windows Azure Management Pack enables you to monitor the availability and performance of applications that are running on Windows Azure. Feature Summary After configuration, the Windows Azure Management Pack offers the following functionality: Discovers Windows Azure applications. Provides status of each role instance. Collects and monitors performance information. Collects and monitors Windows events. Collects…


Recorded PEX & MOLES Workshop

Last summer (July 2010) we delivered in Madrid a nice PEX & MOLES workshop. The speaker was Peli de Halleux, from MICROSOFT RESEARCH. If you are interested in Unit Testing, Mocking, etc., you should take a look at it! It was a great workshop and we recorded it, so now we just published it on…


Houston codename: SQL Azure Web/RIA Management Studio

Microsoft® Project Code-Named “Houston” is a lightweight and easy to use database management tool for SQL Azure databases. It is designed specifically for Web developers and other technology professionals seeking a straightforward solution to quickly develop, deploy, and manage their data-driven applications in the cloud. Project “Houston” provides a web-based database management tool for basic…


Developing and Deploying Java-Tomcat apps into Windows Azure

As you may know, Windows Azure is a multi-platform environment, so we can run many other languages/platforms other than .NET, like Java, PHP, Ruby, etc., and even using a whole Web-AppServer like Apache Tomcat, a DBMS like MySQL, and using IDEs like ECLIPSE. You can get more info about this here: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsazure/interop/ So, in this…


How to set a default page to a Windows Azure Web Role App (Silverlight, ASP.NET, etc.)

  This is a very easy tip, but useful. As you may know, Windows Azure management portal has not a way to set many things you could do using IIS Management console. But, because most of the IIS 7.x configuration can be also set using XML configuration files, in most of the cases we don’t…