Using Resilient Entity Framework Core Sql Connections and Transactions: Retries with Exponential Backoff

There are many possible approaches to implement retries logic with exponential backoff also depending on the context/protocol, etc. (Database connections, HTTP requests, etc.) Retries with exponential backoff is a technique that assumes failure by nature and attempts to retry the operation, with an exponentially increasing wait time, until a maximum retry count has been reached….


Using Domain Events within a .NET Core Microservice

This blog post is related to the previous blog post named “Domain Events vs. Integration Events in Domain-Driven Design and microservices architectures” : Since I’m writing content related to “Microservices architecture, Docker containers and .NET Core” (draft available here, at GitHub), I thought it would be good to publish blog posts with partial content…


Domain Events vs. Integration Events in Domain-Driven Design and microservices architectures

This blog post is about comparing several approaches of Domain Events vs. Integration Events patterns already published by the community. I might evolve this post depending on feedback and some implementations we’ll be doing in the short/medium term. So, feel free to discuss about it with comments at the end of this post. I’m open…


Comparing ASP.NET Core IoC container service lifetimes with Autofac IoC container instance scopes

In ASP.NET Core you can use the simple built-in IoC container or you can also plug any other more advanced IoC container like Autofac. When plugin an external container like Autofac, you can still use ASP.NET Core methods like services.AddTransient<> or services.AddSingleton<> or you can also use the more granular methods in Autofac based on…


Booting Windows 10 natively from a .VHDX drive file

This post is an update (using Windows 10 and a newer version of Convert-WindowsImage.ps1) of a similar post I had in my blog about booting natively from a .VHDX file: I’m also publishing this for my own records and folks asking me about it, as it is not a super straight forward procedure.. This…


Generating Swagger description metadata from your ASP.NET Core Web APIs with Swashbuckle

What is Swagger Swagger is a very much used open source framework backed by a large ecosystem of tools that helps you design, build, document, and consume your RESTful APIs. It is probably becoming as the main standard for this domain (APIs description metadata). The heart of Swagger is the Swagger Specification (API description metadata…


Summary of Microsoft Docker Images for .NET Core and .NET Framework

Even when these official images are still evolving, I think that a summary about the multiple Microsoft Docker images for .NET available at Docker Hub would be a “nice to have” thing. This blog post is related to my previous blog post on “Docker containers – Should I use .NET Core or .NET Framework?”, however…


Docker containers – Should I use .NET Core or .NET Framework?

The short answer is: “For Docker containers, use .NET Core whenever is possible”. But, below is a summary decision table depending on your architecture or application type and the server operating system you are targeting for your Docker containers. Take into account that if you are targeting Linux containers you will need Linux based Docker…


Free eBook on “Containerized Docker Application Lifecycle with Microsoft Tools and Platform”

Coinciding with today’s release of Visual Studio 2017 RC1 at CONNECT 2016 in NYC (Nov. 16th 2016), I wanted to announce the availability of this new and free eBook on “Containerized Docker Application Lifecycle with Microsoft Tools and Platform” which covers and end-to-end vision of Docker container based application development plus CI/CD (DevOps) workflows that…


.NET, Cloud and Mobile Events in Argentina and Chile – Content

Last week (Sept. 19-22 2016) I delivered a similar event in Buenos Aires and in Santiago the Chile, afterwards. Here I post the agenda I delivered, a few pictures about it plus the decks I used about it. Morning Event – Developing microservices in the Cloud with .NET, Docker and Microsoft Azure Service Fabric Related…