Eric Evans and Udi Dahan in Madrid! (DDD Conference and Workshops, Nov.2011)

Eric Evans and Udi Dahan in IASA DDD (Domain Driven Design) Conference and Workshops!!! (Nov.2011).

This is a unique opportunity. On November 7th, there will be an initial conference (free registration) introducing DDD & CQRS, and then, during next days (Nov. 8th and Nov.10th), there will be several workshops run by Eric Evans and Udi Dahan, having deeper content during a whole day.

- DDD Conference (Nov. 7th 2011) - (Free registration): Icon


IASA-SPAIN-MEMBERS have a 50% off discount on Workshops!!!:

- DDD Workshop (Nov. 8th 2011) - A whole day with Eric Evans and DDD deeper content - (Registration under fee): Icon

- CQRS Workshop (Nov. 8th 2011) - A whole day with Udi Dahan and CQRS deeper content - (Registration under fee): Icon

- DDD Workshop (Nov. 10th 2011) - 2nd occurrence, same content as DDD workshop on Nov.8th - (Registration under fee): Icon

HELP?: For any question or help during the registration process, contact to iasaspain@iasaglobal.orgLink Icon

SPONSORSHIP?: If you would like to sponsor this event, please contact to cesardl@iasaglobal.orgLink Icon for details.

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  2. I would like to be there, but unfortunatelly my schedule is busy for this date.

    Anyway, superb event.

    Hope to see you all soon.

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