Just released V1.0 of our DDD NLayered Architecture Guide/Book and Sample-App (Free eBook)

[UPDATED - April 2017] - IMPORTANT:  For up-to-date architecture and development guidance using .NET (i.e. .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Docker containers, etc.) including Domain-Driven Design patterns, microservices architectures and other .NET related technologies like Xamarin for mobile apps check this landing page pointing to multiple NEW guides and reference applications:


Specifically, most of the DDD (Domain-Driven Design) patterns explained in the guidance written in 2010/2011 are still valid nowadays, however all the technologies have evolved significantly. Also, many new architecture patterns like Microservices Architecture (which is deriving from Domain-Driven Design) have been polished and improved over the years.




[UPDATED - Feb. 2013] The sample application can be downloaded from here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ag33_uWyTcH5n9g2UGtmmF11BefagQ

The last released Guide chapters can be downloaded from here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ag33_uWyTcH5n9g4QYJtUF9Zdyelxw

[UPDATED - Feb. 13th 2011]

We are currently in the process of translating our “Domain Oriented NLayered Architecture” book to English but for the sake of many people who were asking for the English version, we decided to publish the draft chapters with a 'pre-final' state here.
Here you can download only the English 'Pre-Final' drafts:
Please send your feedback/errata (typos, technical or any grammatical mistakes) to: cesardl at microsoft dot com


We just published our final V1.0 version! I will explain it here in a better way during this week.


You can get Sample-App, in English, from CODEPLEX:


And the Architecture Guide/Book (just Spanish at the moment, but we’re in the process of translating it to English) can be downloaded from:






The eBook is in .PDF format but also especially made for eBooks Readers (Kindle, etc.) in .MOBI and .EPUB format (All free of charge).

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  1. @ abi

    [UPDATED – Feb. 2013] The sample application can be downloaded from here: http://sdrv.ms/18bjaba

    The last chapters (English) can be downloaded from here: http://sdrv.ms/18bjLty

  2. abi says:

    I try to download the example of codeplex but the links doesn't works

  3. Not yet, sorry. We're working on its translation to English right now! 🙂

    If you are in a hurry, I propose being a REVIEWER of our current english drafts.

    Send me an e-mail to cesardl@microsoft.com requesting that, ok?

  4. sp says:

    has the guide been translated to english

  5. Cristian says:

    I don't speak english.

    Descargue la versión 1.0 del ejemplo, pero no puedo compilarla. Tengo todo instalado, pero me imagino que es un problema de versión de la librería "Microsoft.Moles.Framework". Yo tengo instalada la versión ""

    Es factible que suban el ejemplo de la aplicacion no tan acoplada a librerias que esten dentro de la GAC, y cuyas librerias enten dentro de una carpeta que tambien sea parte del contenido a descargar.

    Sería de mucha utilidad, no solo para mi, sino para mucha gente, ya que no se dependería de nada para realizaar una buena compilacion.

    Para dar mas contexto al problema que tengo, adjunto algunos de los tipos de errores de compilacion:

    Error 3:

    The type 'Microsoft.Moles.Framework.Stubs.StubBase' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly 'Microsoft.Moles.Framework, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35'. D:DesarrolloMicrosoftArquitecturaNLayerApp v1.0COREInfrastructure.CrossCutting.IoCUnityIoCUnityContainer.cs 119 13 Infrastructure.CrossCutting.IoC

    Error 4:

    Metadata file 'D:DesarrolloMicrosoftArquitecturaNLayerApp v1.0COREInfrastructure.CrossCutting.IoCbinDebugNLayerApp.Infrastructure.CrossCutting.IoC.dll' could not be found Domain.MainModule.Tests

    Error 9:

    Cannot convert lambda expression to type 'Microsoft.Moles.Framework.MolesDelegates.Func`3<System.Web.Routing.RequestContext,string,System.Web.Mvc.IController>' because it is not a delegate type D:DesarrolloMicrosoftArquitecturaNLayerApp v1.0COREPresentation.Web.MVC.Client.TestsIoCControllerFactoryTests.cs 44 61 MVC.Client.Tests

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