How to create a Bootable DVD (Windows 7 or Windows Vista)

Sometimes you'd want to install Windows from a bootable DVD but you just have all the Windows files... I mean, in my case I've got Windows 7 build 7048 (beta drop, but it does not matter), but I currently don't have its related ISO image. So, if I want to install a plain new Windows 7 from scratch (booting  & installing from a DVD), guess what you need?, right..., I want to create my own bootable Windows DVD.
In order to do that, we can use several Microsoft tools that come in AIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit), for Windows Vista or Windows 7 (the latest in my case).

You can download from here, for instance: 

Needed Tools you can get once you install AIK:
- oscdimg.exe (usually you can get it from in "%ProgramFiles%\Windows AIK\Tools\x86 )
- (This is the boot sector file will put into the DVD)


Of course, you'll need all the Windows 7 or Windows Vista files. For instance, I copied all of them within C:\Win7_7048_EN\x86fre
You could even add more custom files, like drivers or whatever..


Open a command prompt console (with Administrator's rights) and go where you have the AIK's tools. Then type the following:

oscdimg -n -m -b"C:\Win7 7048 EN\DVD Bootable Tools\x86_Boot\" C:\Win7_7048_EN\x86fre C:\Win7_7048_EN_ISO\Win7_7048_x86_EN.iso

You'll get messages like the following:
OSCDIMG 2.55 CD-ROM and DVD-ROM Premastering Utility
Copyright (C) Microsoft, 1993-2007. All rights reserved.
Licensed only for producing Microsoft authorized content.
Scanning source tree (500 files in 49 directories)
Scanning source tree complete (810 files in 159 directories)
Computing directory information complete
Image file is 2825107456 bytes
Writing 810 files in 159 directories to V:\Win7_7048_EN_ISO\Win7_7048_x86_E
100% complete
Final image file is 2825107456 bytes

At this time you'll have a new ISO file for Windows 7 or Vista!!. 🙂

If you want Windows x64, just use the other file types for x64, like:
oscdimg -n -m -b"C:\Win7 7048 EN\DVD Bootable Tools\x64_Boot\" C:\Win7_7048_EN\x64fre C:\Win7_7048_EN_ISO\Win7_7048_x64_EN.iso


-b points to the boot sector file location ( This file will make the DVD bootable. Do not use a space between b and path!

Then, first path is the location of original Windows DVD files.

Second path points to the directory where the iso file will be created in.

-n makes it possible to use extended file names.

-m allows to create iso files, larger than CD format.


Just burn your new ISO image onto a DVD media using any third party software, like NERO, ROXIO, ImageBurn, etc.


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  1. RickGlaz says:

    Chip wrote " but WHY etfsboot.COM like it's an internet site or something?  Why is it named this?"

    MS likes to use filenames that mean something (hopefully) to the experienced user.

    ET means El Torito, FS means File System, boot means bootable,

    and com is an executable file extension. They switched to using that with Vista.

    They had to call it something and this is more meaningful than some random name.

  2. Ali Asgar says:

    My Image File size is too large while making .iso file

    can it possible to compress it inform me at "

  3. Xone says:

    Chip wrote " but WHY etfsboot.COM like it's an internet site or something?  Why is it named this?"

    That's the funniest thing I've read today… ah, the young.

  4. diskfaktory says:


    high quality cd duplication and replication

  5. Ajendra Kumar says:

    bilkul bekaar tarika h isko to khud nhi pta h ki kaise win copy ki jati h…………

  6. Kaustav barman says:

    Please help me making a windows 7 home basic 64 bit dvd in a easy process

  7. tanuj says:

    mayur it s very easy

    first of all you have to install win 8 in c drive and after that install the 7 nd other drive

  8. mayur says:

    i want to instoll windows8 i windows 7 os dull booting

  9. chip says:

    but WHY etfsboot.COM like it's an internet site or something?  Why is it named this?

  10. Brad says:

    It's easy to critisze the enexperienced. Luckily, on my way the technical competance, I had people willing to explain in ways that I could follow.

  11. Andy H says:

    Thanks for the instructions.  They were clear and straight-forward.

  12. David says:

    If you can't follow the written directions…..How hard is it to copy and paste?  Problem I see is a newbie novice wants to be an Administrator.  Who ever said "hire someone" had the same insight.  Do whatever it is you do, and either learn to do simple things like this, or have a knowledgeable person do it.  You sound like a five year old "ahhhh, it's to hard Mommie"

  13. Anonymous says:

    If you can't follow these steps, then hire someone else to fix your computer.

  14. Nishant Jain says:

    its very simple

    1.. simple convert any file to .iso using "power iso"  

    2.. just burn it using any third party software like nero

    thats it 🙂

  15. ayush says:

    i din,nt understand you can send easy process on

  16. Vkram says:

    It is not explained well, Thats why difficult to perform.

    Easy Explained

    Start > All Programes > Microsoft Windows AIK > CMD (Right Click as Administrator)

    (Full command is explained here in three parts, But you have to run this in single shot)

    oscdimg -n -m -b"C:Win7 7048 ENDVD Bootable"  (where the boot image file is placed by you)

    C:Win7_7048_ENx64fre  (Where the all Windows files are placed, which you want as ISO file)

    C:Win7_7048_EN_ISOWin7_7048_x64_EN.iso (and the last and least, where you want to save ISO file)

    Thats it………..


  17. sunil says:

    use img burn and enable booting option

  18. sunil says:

    sab bakwas hai,inko khud bhi nahi pata,tell any easy way……nalayak kahi ke!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. ahsan shah says:

    its too hard….may u tell a easy process at

  20. dmnjeet singh says:


    ihave windows 7 data files on my hard disk i install windows from there before corrupting of it but when i install it directly install as dont delete old window while installation and do copy on it what to do

  21. Karol says:

    Big UP! Thanks, dude – after half a day going thorough pay-or-not-to-commercial-use plugins for WAIK, finally I have really free solution on your site. Good job.

  22. Patrick says:

    cant i just use a program to create an ISO image from the windows 7 files i have then burn those to a dvd? do i have to run command line functions or use the AIK?

  23. D.Mahanta says:

    its too hard….may u tell a easy process at

  24. Daniel says:


    This was very helpful. Especially for me since I had AIK already installed.

    One thing: I wasn't paying attention when you mentioned that file is included in AIK tools. I used your line exactly oscdimg -n -m -b"C:Win7 7048 ENDVD Bootable" C:Win7_7048_ENx86fre C:Win7_7048_EN_ISOWin7_7048_x86_EN.iso

    and I paniced since I belivied that I have to download my self that file from someplace 🙂

    Thanks again!

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