PPTs about our Workshop ‘Fitting the Entity Framework in N-Tier & N-Layer Architectures’

Last October 13th we delivered a Workshop about EF and N-Tier & N-Layer Apps.

We had a great feed-back about it. 🙂

You can get the Presentations from this URL within my SkyDrive:


Take into account that we wrote it in Spanish & English, download the .ZIP file you really want!. 😉

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  1. pcastilla says:

    ummmmmmm, nice work but…

    For me VO is a not persistent object (Evans’ DDD terminology). It is used for calculating thing in bll, or for communicating to client (this time is called DTO), it will never persist. I understand from the pdf you call VO for what normally is called entity.

    Another thing I do not agree is that Entities could be serialized. You must use DTOs in your service layer (SIL?). DTOs are important because you can make the business independent from your contract. With this biz can evolutionate independently from contract, for instance, you can add a attribute to your entity without modificating your WSLD.

    Hope MS will improve EF, now is quite database oriented.


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