June DevDiv Dogfood Statistics

Orcas Beta 2 has been deployed on our dogfood server for about a month now and has been running quite well with very few patches.  We’ve been focusing primarily on cleaning up the event log and making sure we fix any bugs generating event log entries, making appropriate eventlog entries clear and actionable and removing… Read more

May DevDiv Dogfood Statistics

It’s been a pretty uneventful month on our Dogfood server.  I almost decided not to post about it but I figured what the heck.  The most exciting thing is that we have our Orcas Beta 2 dogfood server upgrade happening this weekend.  This should be an indication to you that we think our Orcas Beta… Read more

Dogfood I/O Analysis

I’ve been falling so far behind on everything I’m supposed to do I just can’t stand it.  Today is my day to try to catch up on blogging.  I promised I’d follow up on the dogfood I/O analysis from the Orcas upgrade.  Well, I got the results a week or two ago and I just… Read more

April DevDiv Dogfood Statistics

It’s now been over a month since the DevDiv dogfood server upgrade to Orcas bits.  We’ve continued to poke and prod at the server and make patches as we identify issues.  The rate has slowed down from that first hectic week of several patches a day to about 1 a week or so now.  Overall… Read more

Orcas Dogfood Upgrade – CPU Utilization

I think we’ve got enough data now that we can put a stake in the ground about where we stand on CPU utilization improvements.  We’ve still got a bit more tuning and improvements to make but it’s probably within 10% of where it will turn out. We’ve made less progress investigating the regressions this week… Read more

March DevDiv Dogfood Statistics

Time for the monthly installment again 🙂  I’ve been swamped lately and not able to make progress on my “Managing Quality” series.  I’ll get back to that shortly. This is the first monthly dogfood statistics update since the upgrade of the DevDiv dogfood server on 3/3.  So, it’s going to be a bit longer than… Read more

Dogfood Server Upgrade – End of Week 1

The first week of the Orcas Dogfood server upgrade will end today.  It’s been a fantastic (if hectic) week.  After the initial spate of issues we hit Monday, it quieted down pretty quickly.  We got the significant issues fixed on Tuesday and have been making small performance patches all week.  We’re down to the last… Read more

DevDiv Dogfood Status Update

The deployment of Orcas to the DevDiv dogfood server finished ahead of schedule this weekend.  We completed the procedure by Saturday night thanks to hard work from the IT team and key people on the TFS team assisting.  We spent Sunday shaking out a couple of issues with the system and went live for real… Read more

Some Cool Posts

I’ve seen some cool posts on our product over the past few days that I wanted to bring to your attention. Jeff published a list of useful links to information on testing with Team System. Ameya published an interesting post on using Visio to visualize Team System reporting data. I also wanted to mention that… Read more