One more farm story for this week

Sorry for the back to back farm stories but I was relating the Fire! story to someone the other day and remembered another story I hadn’t shared. As a cattle farmer, I go through a lot of hay – about 300,000 lbs per winter.  Spring and late Summer are the seasons for cutting, baling and… Read more

Team Services Update – Sept 28

This week we are rolling out our sprint 106 work.  Here are the release notes.  By now, the update has made it out to most customers and it should finish by the end of the week. Overall, sprint 106 was a modest sprint.  It has lots of nice, relatively small, improvements and nothing particularly earth… Read more


When you have a farm like I do, with a lot of pastures, a lot of fence lines and a lot of trees, you inevitably spend a lot of time clearing dead trees, fallen limbs, etc. from your fences and fields.  It’s a never ending job.  Sometimes I collect the wood for firewood (I heat… Read more

Team Foundation Server “15” RC 2 available

Today we released RC2 of TFS “15”.  The key links are here: Team Foundation Server 15 RC2 ISO Team Foundation Server 15 RC2 web installer Team Foundation Server 15 Express RC2 ISO Team Foundation Server 15 Express RC2 web installer Team Foundation Server 15 RC2 release notes You can check out the release notes for… Read more

Team Services Update – Sept 2

Yes, I’m a bit late on this one.  I was traveling to India and Israel in early Sept and didn’t have a change to post about this. A little over a week ago we deployed the sprint 105 work to Team Services.  Check out the release notes for details. We continued our journey this sprint… Read more

Paid extensions in the Visual Studio marketplace

It’s hard to believe it but it’s been almost a year since we introduced the Visual Studio Marketplace.  It provides a single point of entry for finding extensions for Visual Studio, VS Team Services and VS Code – and since then hundreds upon hundreds of new extensions have been published.  From day one, our vision… Read more

New navigation for Team Services

In my blog post announcing TFS 15 RC1, I mentioned that we are working on a new navigation UI.  In a somewhat unusual turn of events, it showed up in an on premises preview before it showed up in the cloud.  Today we enabled the new navigation experience in Team Services, making it really easy… Read more

Team Services Update – Aug 17

I missed a few updates while I was out over the summer but, hopefully, now I’m back on my normal cadence. This week, we are deploying our sprint 104 work to VS Team Services.  It looks to me like it’s a new record on number of items (defined by number of lines in the release… Read more

Pre-reqs for Team Foundation Server 15

A couple of aspects of this have come up on the post where I announced the TFS 15 RC1 and I thought it was worth a more explicit call out.  First some context. We have 2 release “types” for TFS – major releases (TFS 2013, TFS 2015, TFS 15, etc.) and Updates (TFS 2015 Update… Read more

TFS “15” RC1 is available

Today we released Team Foundation Server 15 Release Candidate 1.  This is a “go-live” release, fit for production use and supported by our support team.  You can find all the details on the following links: Download TFS “15” RC1 ISO image TFS “15” RC1 web installer TFS “15” RC1 Release notes It’s called RC1 because,… Read more