New navigation for Team Services

In my blog post announcing TFS 15 RC1, I mentioned that we are working on a new navigation UI.  In a somewhat unusual turn of events, it showed up in an on premises preview before it showed up in the cloud.  Today we enabled the new navigation experience in Team Services, making it really easy… Read more

Team Services Update – Aug 17

I missed a few updates while I was out over the summer but, hopefully, now I’m back on my normal cadence. This week, we are deploying our sprint 104 work to VS Team Services.  It looks to me like it’s a new record on number of items (defined by number of lines in the release… Read more

Pre-reqs for Team Foundation Server 15

A couple of aspects of this have come up on the post where I announced the TFS 15 RC1 and I thought it was worth a more explicit call out.  First some context. We have 2 release “types” for TFS – major releases (TFS 2013, TFS 2015, TFS 15, etc.) and Updates (TFS 2015 Update… Read more

TFS “15” RC1 is available

Today we released Team Foundation Server 15 Release Candidate 1.  This is a “go-live” release, fit for production use and supported by our support team.  You can find all the details on the following links: Download TFS “15” RC1 ISO image TFS “15” RC1 web installer TFS “15” RC1 Release notes It’s called RC1 because,… Read more

Where in the world is Brian?

I apologize for being away for so long.  It’s been a weird summer.  I was out of the office for almost a month and have spent the last week furiously trying to catch up.  So I’ve been absent from my blog for a while now.  I’ll fill you in on some of the details. Italy This… Read more

Visual Studio Team Services Community Updates

I’m excited to see the recent surge in community activities around Team Services. Many meetups are taking place around the world in June/July where you can go and talk to Team Services users and fans in your area about some of the new features we’ve released recently and get some Team Services swag as well…. Read more

Java Tools Challenge results

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, we are committed to making VS Team Services a great solution for all developers – for any application on any platform.  3 months ago we kicked off the Java Tools Challenge, sponsored by the Visual Studio Partner Program, and the Visual Studio Marketplace which was a longer… Read more

Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 3 RC is available

Today we released the release candidate for TFS 2015 Update 3.  Update 3 is a modest release with only a few features and bug fixes for top reported issues. TFS web install: TFS ISO: TFS Express web install TFS Express ISO TFS Office Integration web install TFS Office Integration ISO… Read more

Team Services Update – June 1

I’m a bit late this sprint – was a busy week last week. Last week we finished deploying our sprint 100 work.  Yes, sprint 100.  That means we’ve been doing a Scrum (or Scrum like) development process for 300 weeks.  And for most of that time, actually releasing at the end of every sprint.  Whew,… Read more