TFS 2018.1 RTM is available

Today we released the final build of Team Foundation Server 2018 Update 1.  The key links are: TFS 2018.1 Release notes TFS 2018.1 Web installer TFS 2018.1 ISO image TFS 2018.1 Express edition Web installer TFS 2018.1 Express edition ISO image This release is primarily bug fixes for important issues and a few select features. … Read more

Goats up high

Let me start with a little background.  Every year, we have new goats born on the farm – generally in March/April.  Last year, we had about 10 or so.  They live in the field with their moms until breeding season – ~October.  During breeding season, we have to remove the young goats from the adult… Read more

TFS 2018 Update 1 RC is available

Today we released the release candidate for Team Foundation Server 2018 Update 1.  Here are the important links: TFS 2018.1 RC1 Release notes TFS 2018.1 RC1 Web installer TFS 2018.1 RC1 ISO image TFS 2018.1 RC1 Express edition Web installer TFS 2018.2 RC1 Express edition ISO image If you look at the release notes, you’ll… Read more

Merging conflicts in the browser

One of the cool things about having VSTS used across all of Microsoft is that when there’s some useful missing feature, one of the many teams using it might fill the gap and we get to harvest it and make it available to all VSTS customers.  Exactly that has just happened. I’ve written several times… Read more

Twitter sentiment as a release gate

I’m really excited to talk about a new Twitter sentiment release gate extension in the Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) marketplace today. Before I say more, let me step back and give some context… Any responsible DevOps practice uses techniques to limit the damage done by bugs that get deployed into production.  One of the… Read more

A VSTS Release Gate with ServiceNow

Tarun has written a great post on creating a VSTS Release Gate that will gate deployments on approvals registered in ServiceNow.  This is a great example of how you can use the extensibility of Release Gates to automate and integrate your release pipeline.  Check it out! Brian… Read more

VSTS Update – Nov 28

This week we will be deploying our sprint 126 work.  This deployment is probably one of the most complicated in a while.  Quite a lot of it actually rolled out at our Connect(); event the week before Thanksgiving and then Thanksgiving week stalled the completion of the deployments so we are just getting back to… Read more

Connect(); announcements

We’re announcing a bunch of new things at Connect(); this week.  It’s an exciting time.  Connect(); is an annual developer event where we focus particularly on improving the overall experience for developers.  We’ve queued up a lot of good news and I wanted to share a few highlights – particularly from the DevOps space that… Read more

DevOps at Microsoft – lots of videos

My team is responsible for many of the engineering tools we use at Microsoft (affectionately called the One Engineering System or 1ES – paralleling Satya’s “One Microsoft” mantra).  As part of that responsibility we get to interact deeply with teams across the company and learn from what they are doing.  We try to take the… Read more

DevOps @ Connect(); 2017

I am excited…There will be lots of news…at Microsoft Connect(); 2017 happening Wednesday Nov 15th in New York City. Please join the live stream starting at 10:00 AM EST for Scott Guthrie’s keynote, where he will showcase lots of new innovations across Azure, .NET, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Services and more.  At 3:00 PM… Read more