Another silly post about clothes

And an embarrassing moment. I’ve gotten some teasing about wearing a tie at the French Visual Studio 2013 launch event in Paris this week.  There are some pictures of me floating around online.  It’s certainly a rare occurrence.  I don’t wear a tie more than a couple of times a year.  I brought it on… Read more

Visual Studio 2013 Demo VM available

Brian Keller has released the RTM version of his incredibly useful demo VM.  He loads just about everything you could want to demo onto it and makes it easy to see how anything in VS or TFS works. Read more: Brian… Read more

Visual Studio Surveys

We are running a couple of surveys on Visual Studio to collect feedback for our next release cycle.  We’d appreciate any feedback you have.  Here are the links to the surveys on the VS blog. Visual Studio 2012 Updates Survey Visual Studio 2013 Survey Thanks, Brian… Read more

A Rough Patch

Either I’m going to get increasingly good at apologizing to fewer and fewer people or we’re going to get better at this.  I vote for the later. We’ve had some issues with the service over the past week and a half.  I feel terrible about it and I can’t apologize enough.  It’s the biggest incident… Read more

How much data can you put on VSOnline?

I don’t get asked that question too often but I do occasionally and, as the service matures, I know I’ll get asked it more and more so it’s been on my mind.  I was looking at some data yesterday about some of our largest tenants.  No, I wasn’t looking at any of their IP (I… Read more

Application Insights going fast

Overall, tire kicking on Application Insights is going well and the invitation codes continue to get used up pretty quickly.  We’ve now got many hundreds of accounts enabled so I’m probably going to slow down a bit on handing out invitation codes.  But… Here’s another one for another opportunity: VSInsights258441337 Brian… Read more


A couple of weeks ago one of our great partners, eDev Technologies (makers of InteGREAT – an excellent formal requirements management tool for TFS), released a new set of tools called SmartOffice4TFS.  Whereas InteGREAT is a pretty comprehensive requirements suite, SmartOffice4TFS is intended for teams with a less formal process but who still need to… Read more

Application Insights invitation

In the launch keynote on Wed, I announced, and Nicole demoed a new service on VS Online called Application Insights. I also announced that it is in “limited preview” – meaning it’s an invitation only service for now.  It’s early and we want to grow it slowly so that we can incorporate feedback early, getting… Read more

Launching Visual Studio 2013

Today, I am in New York at the launch of Visual Studio 2013 speaking with a local audience and broadcasting around the world.  In many ways it’s a celebration of the blood, sweat and tears we put into VS 2013.  At the same time, it’s a bit anti-climactic because VS 2013 has been in preview… Read more