Team Foundation Server Roadmap

I’ve been hinting at this coming for while now.  I think I promised it would come out in Dec and here it is on the last day of Nov :).  I hope this is helpful to you in knowing where we are headed and also in giving us feedback on where we are missing the… Read more

MSDN Chats on VSTS

We’ve been conducting fairly regular chats on VSTS.  They’ve been very lively and we’ve good participation.  The last one was November 8th and the transcript from it is here.  We’ve got another one coming up on December 6th at 10am PST.  Please join us if you are interested…. Read more

A New Team System User’s Group in Boston

It’s really cool to see user’s groups for Team System start to pop up around the country.  Michael just announced a new one in Boston.  I’ve offered to come up there and speak at it sometime in the spring.  If you know of more user’s groups let me know, I’d love to build a list… Read more

TFS and Reliability and Disaster Recovery

We continue to evolve and improve upon the TFS reliability and disaster recovery story.  Fundamentally reliability and disaster recovery are about preserving service (or minimizing outage) and eliminating data loss in the face of failure in components of your system.  When we look at TFS component failure, we primarily focus on the application tier (or… Read more

TFS V1 is incompatible with WSS 3.0

There seems to have been a fair number of questions on this issue so Jason Barile wrote something up about it on his blog.  We are working to add support for WSS 3.0 for the Orcas release of TFS. Brian… Read more

More Transparency

Recently we’ve been discussing CTPs and you have given us some great feedback about what you like and don’t like.  We’ll be using that feedback inform our future plans.  I’d like to talk to you about another form of transparency we’ve been working on – publishing specifications.  CTPs are great and they provide a good… Read more

November DevDiv Dogfood Statistics

I’m a bit early with my statistics this month but I didn’t want to get too close to Thanksgiving.  Activity is down this month (particularly in work item tracking) but # of users is up.  The primary reason is some fixes to internal tools that have dropped the load they apply on the server by almost… Read more

SD Times Article about TFS

SD Times recently posted an article about TFS (and about VS Orcas).  I’m only going to talk about the TFS part of it here and leave any thoughts on the broader VS and Vista comments to others to comment on.  I think it’s a good and balanced article.   Both the good in the bad are… Read more

Wrap up on CTP feedback

OK, I’ve digested the feedback from a variety of sources and want to play it back.  As with any sufficiently involved topic, I won’t capture everything everyone said but rather I’m just trying to capture the recurring patterns. So what I’ve heard is: You like CTPs very much.  They provide a valuable way to get… Read more

Feedback on VS Community Technology Previews (CTPs)

We recently had an internal email thread with some people on our advisory councils giving us feedback on our CTP process.  There was some interesting and somewhat surprising feedback.  I wanted to solicit broader feedback from the community on what you want from the CTP process.  Here’s some questions to get you thinking about it:… Read more