Open for Feedback: Contribute Directly to Visual Studio App Center Product Documentation

To ensure Visual Studio App Center is as easy as possible to use, we’ve created a more direct feedback channel for building and publishing product documentation based on the great feedback we receive from you, our users. Open sourcing our product documentation is a natural extension of our App Center philosophy, which is open API,…

App Center Errors: Monitoring and Keeping Your Xamarin Apps Healthy

Building and shipping a successful app is a challenge. Monitoring and keeping your app healthy is even more challenging and time-consuming. Once you ship your app into the wild, unexpected errors often occur as real users start engaging with it; staying on top of them is crucial to the success of your app and business….

Visual Studio App Center: A Year in Review

The last year has been great! We celebrated the launch of App Center, and since then the team has been improving the product and building new features. You told us that modern Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery service needs to be easy to set up, support multiple platforms, and be extensible. We listened and today…

Three Quick Tips: Signing Your iOS Apps with Visual Studio App Center Build

Once you start building your apps in Visual Studio App Center, you need to get them to your testers and ultimately to your users, which requires you to sign your apps. Dealing with provisioning profiles and certificates can sometimes be a challenging process. Several developers have asked about setting up iOS app signing with App…


Looking for Buddybuild Alternatives? Try App Center

With Buddybuild dropping Android support in March, we’d love for you to explore Visual Studio App Center as an option for your new home if you’re one of the many Android developers searching for an alternative cloud-based Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) service. Built for all developers and backed by Microsoft, we have a…


Boosting Productivity, Quality, and ROI with Automated CI / CD

Mobile development moves fast, and it’s hard to stay on top of your game without losing productivity. From Machine Learning to Computer Vision to whatever else comes next, mobile developers are expected to learn and implement emerging technologies as they arrive, without missing a deadline. To make that work, you need to claw back time….


Continuous Quality: Ship Better Apps Faster with Visual Studio App Center

Think about one of your mobile apps… How often do you publish updates to it? A couple of times per year? Quarterly? Monthly, bi-weekly? Every day? Multiple times per day? No! That’s crazy, right? Or is it? Some world-class app engineering teams are able to consistently release their apps weekly or every two weeks at…