Package Management: Maven Public Preview

We’re proud to announce that VSTS Package Management now supports hosting Maven artifacts! Java developers, you can now share components by packaging your code up as a Maven artifact and pushing it to VSTS. Get Started using Maven To opt-into the Maven Public Preview, ask your account administrator to go to the Preview Features menu under the… Read more

Announcing public preview of the new Deployment Groups in Release Management

Today we are excited to announce the public preview of the new Deployment Groups in Visual Studio Team Services. Release Management now supports robust in-the-box multi-machine deployment. You can now orchestrate  deployments across multiple machines, perform rolling updates whilst ensuring high availability of the application throughout. Agent based deployment capability relies on the same build and deployment agents…. Read more

Announcing General Availability of the New Build Editor

Today we are excited to announce the general availability of a new build definition editor in Visual Studio Team Services. The new editor is also available in Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 2. We started this exercise of refreshing the entire build editor a few months back. Besides the need to modernize our user experience,… Read more

Announcing git graph and advanced filters to visualize commit history

Did you ever want a quick way to understand change history in a branch? VSTS now shows git graph in commit history for files in repositories. Now you can easily create a mental model of all your branches and commits for your git repositories using git graph. VSTS commit history also supports advanced filters that… Read more

Delivery Plans now included with Visual Studio Team Services basic access level

Earlier this year we introduced a preview of the new Delivery Plans feature for Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS).  Today, I’m excited to announce that Delivery Plans is officially out of “preview”, and is now included with the VSTS basic access level at no additional cost. Additionally, Delivery Plans will also be included in Team Foundation Server… Read more

Use Azure portal to setup Continuous Delivery for Web App On Linux

Continuous Delivery in Visual Studio Team Services simplifies setting up a robust deployment pipeline for your Web App on Linux.  By default, the pipeline builds a container image, pushes the image to a container registry and deploys the new image to the Web App. You can easily add another Azure Web App on Linux to… Read more

Cloud Solution Provider – Purchase from Visual Studio Marketplace Roadmap

Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) is a one stop program for Microsoft partners to sell all Microsoft online commercial services to their customers. While CSP partners can purchase O365, Azure and other commercial services for their customers from Microsoft today, they can’t purchase Visual Studio subscriptions, team services users and many first party extensions for team services… Read more

Visual Studio Test Platform, MSTest V2 – Transparent Development

Transparent development enables collaboration. When we open sourced the Visual Studio Test Platform and the MSTest Test Framework “MSTest V2”, we shared out links to issues, implementation and our roadmap. Here are all the links (including links to groomed backlogs and RFCs) for your convenience: Visual Studio Test Platform: Implementation: Docs: Issues:… Read more

Using ‘Visual Studio Agent Deployment’ task on machines not connected to the internet

‘Run Functional Tests’ (RFT) task is used for running functional tests using remote machines or to run tests in a distributed manner using multiple machines. With TFS 2017 Update 2 and VSTS, You can use “Run Functional Tests” task to run tests using Visual Studio Test Agent 2017. The RFT task needs a companion ‘Deploy… Read more

Public Preview: New Widgets for Visual Studio Team Services

(Updated May 10, 2017) We’re now taking our three new widgets into a full public preview.  No need to email us for access… just head over to the marketplace to install the new Analytics extension. – – – – – – – – – Today we’re releasing a private preview of three new dashboard widgets… Read more