Considerations on using Deployment Slots in your DevOps Pipeline

The goal of DevOps is to continuously deliver value.  Using deployment slots can allow you to do this with zero downtime. In the Azure Portal, in the Azure App Service resource blade for your Web App, you can add a deployment slot by navigating to “Deployment slots,” adding a slot, and giving the slot a… Read more

Spring Into DevOps on Radio TFS with Gopinath Chigakkagari

As part of the #SpringIntoDevOps series, Gopinath Chigakkagari – GPM of the Release Management team at Microsoft joined the most recent episode of Radio TFS with MVP’s Greg Duncan and Josh Garverick to talk about the latest news around Visual Studio Team Service and Team Foundation Server as well as dive into release management and… Read more

Reintroducing the Team Explorer standalone installer

If you remember back to 2013 (and before), we released standalone installers for Team Explorer. In VS 2015, we did not release a standalone Team Explorer since customers had free options with Express SKUs and Community, which included Team Explorer functionality. Customers have continued to request a standalone installer for Team Explorer for non-developers, however…. Read more

Managing Configuration and App Settings for Multiple Environments in Your CD Pipeline

Your continuous delivery pipeline typically consists of multiple environments. You may want to deploy changes first to a test or staging environment before deploying to a production environment. Furthermore, your production environment may itself comprise of multiple scale units, each of which you may deploy in parallel or one after the other for a gradual… Read more

MSTest V2 is open source

As promised, we announced the open sourcing of MSTest Test Framework “MSTest V2”. The community now has a fully supported, open source, cross-platform implementation of the MSTest V2 portfolio with which to write tests targeting .NET Framework, .NET Core and ASP.NET Core on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Here are the public repositories on GitHub where the project… Read more

Integrating Smoke Tests into your Continuous Delivery Pipeline

We’re really glad to have Abel Wang help us out for #SpringIntoDevOps with this awesome blog contribution about verifying whether your deployment finished successfully by integrating smoke tests into your pipeline.  Thank you Abel!  — Ed Blankenship Having a Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline in Visual Studio Team Services enables us to build… Read more

Team Services Large Account User Management Roadmap (April 2017)

As the use of Visual Studio Team Services continues to grow and the size of teams in the cloud grow, we have been working to better support user management scenarios in large accounts. We have heard the pains of administrators of large accounts, particularly having to manage the access of each user individually and not… Read more

Spring Into DevOps

Stack Overflow just released their annual community survey and it reminded us that a happy developer is a developer who can ship. Of course, nowadays shipping means having a great pipeline for continuous integration and continuous deployment. That allows you to continuously improve. For a long time now we’ve been working hard to make the DevOps… Read more

Team Services Extensions Roundup – March

February didn’t hold the title of best month on record long – it’s already passed that title to March! A huge thanks to our publishers and customers who continue to grow the ecosystem of extensions around Team Services. This month I’ve got extensions in our Agile and Work Item space that are pretty new and… Read more

Monitoring build resources with the TFS 2017 management pack

The Microsoft System Center Management Pack for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2017 (what a name!) has been available for about a month now. One important change to note in this version of the management pack is that it no longer supports monitoring of build resources. But don’t worry – you can still easily monitor… Read more