Team Foundation Server (TFS) 15 RC2 is available and ready for production use

We have now released TFS “15” RC2. We are using it in production internally. It is fully supported for production use. You can upgrade from TFS 2012 or newer to RC2. You can also upgrade the RC1 release to RC2, and you will be able to upgrade from RC2 to RTM (that should be a… Read more

Get the most out of your PRs with Branch Policies

Pull requests have been widely accepted as a best practice for teams using Git to peer-review code changes. Peer reviews are a great practice for discussing how to improve code and for spreading knowledge about a codebase amongst team members. Contrary to popular belief, code reviews are not particularly good at finding bugs even if that’s… Read more

Run cloud-based load tests using your own machines (a.k.a. Bring your own subscription)

When you run a cloud-based load test, the load testing service automatically provisions the necessary machines (load agents) for generating the load to your application. Once the load test run has completed, these resources are torn down. This works well for the most part for a large set of customers. However, some customers want to… Read more

Pricing for Release Management in TFS “15”

Since the new version of Release Management was introduced in TFS 2015 Update 2, it has been in “trial mode“. Any user with Basic access level was able to access all features of Release Management. For the last few months, we have been hard at work to finalize the pricing model for Release Management in… Read more

Using physical boards alongside your Team Services/TFS Kanban and Taskboards – Agile Cards by Spartez

Agile transformation and ongoing process maintenance are often not as easy as they would seem. Despite the very open nature of Agile Manifesto it is important to maintain consistency between selected methods and the tools. This may become increasingly difficult with the growth of organisations, complexity of projects and internal team dynamics. One of Microsoft partners,… Read more

TFVC Support in Preview for Team Services Plugin for IntelliJ and Android Studio

We are proud to announce that Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) support is being added to the Team Services plugin for IntelliJ and Android Studio. Currently, the 1.106.0 version of the plugin will contain preview functionality to support TFVC repositories in the IDEs. Android Studio developers stuck with no TFVC support to create mobile apps now… Read more

Microsoft discontinuing Project Server/TFS Integration. Partner to provide solution

As Agile practices continue to evolve and become our customer’s primary choice for work management, we are changing how TFS and Project Server integrate. With the next major version of TFS, TFS ’15’, we will no longer provide an out-of-box integration experience between Project Server and Team Foundation Server. Nor will we be providing an… Read more

Team Services September Extensions Roundup – App Stores!

Windows, iOS, and Android, oh my! This month the roundup focus is on app stores. Whether you’re building apps for the Windows Store, the iOS App Store, or Google Play, these extensions provide build & release tasks to automate many facets of publishing your app. Whether you’re releasing updates to a production app, upgrading from alpha… Read more

Maven and Gradle build task support Checkstyle analysis

A few sprints ago we enabled SonarQube and PMD analysis on the Maven and Gradle tasks. We continue to add code analysis tooling to the Java build tasks with Checkstyle support for Gradle, and – in a few days – for Maven. Checkstyle Analysis Checkstyle is the analyzer of choice for enforcing a coding standard. It is a… Read more

What’s new in Git for Windows 2.10?

It has been a busy time since my last post. There have been nine public releases of Git for Windows in the meantime. And a lot has happened. Most importantly, Git for Windows v2.10.0 has been released. Download it here. Or look at its homepage. Let me take this opportunity to mention a couple of highlights: The interactive… Read more