IntelliTrace Standalone Collector and Application Pools running under Active Directory accounts

You will often configure an ASP.NET web site to run as an Active Directory (AD) user so that the site can access that user’s network resources (e.g. a file share). This is accomplished by changing the identity of the IIS Application Pool the web site runs under. If you try to use the IntelliTrace Standalone… Read more

Custom TraceSource and debugging using IntelliTrace

IntelliTrace in Visual Studio Enterprise comes with support for tracing out of the box. All you have to do is make sure the appropriate IntelliTrace events are enabled in VS settings and IntelliTrace will capture trace statements as events. When you are not using the default Debug.Trace methods and are instead using a custom TraceSource,… Read more

Application Insights – Metric Explorer (ME) – Part 2

Segmentation is one of my favorite features in Metrics Explorer in Application Insights. It helps you slice and dice the telemetry about what users are doing with your application, as well as helps you understand performance metrics. Segmentation Let me show you how easy it is to answer some basic questions by using segmentation. This… Read more

Application Insights: Exception Telemetry

Application Insights lets you monitor your live application for its availability, performance and usage. Exception telemetry is of course, a central piece of this. In this blog, we’ll look at the compelling diagnostics experience enabled by capturing exceptions along with request telemetry. I’ll also illustrate how you can configure your application so as to make… Read more

New whitepapers for migration and security … with more to come

We are pleased to announce two new whitepapers have landed, sharing real-world experience and research feedback. Extracting effective permissions from TFS whitepaper and sample Practical guidance and sample code based on extensive research to address two of the commonly heard requests on Team Foundation Server security:   (1) Report on the effective permissions of a… Read more

Export telemetry from Application Insights

At last! Everyone’s been asking for this, so we’re very pleased to announce it. You can set up a continuous export of your telemetry from the Application Insights portal in JSON format. We put the data into blob storage in your Microsoft Azure account. From there, you can pick it up and write whatever code… Read more

Smart Unit Tests – a mental model

[Editor’s note: “Smart Unit Tests” has been renamed to “IntelliTest” with effect from Visual Studio 2015 Release Candidate (RC).] Our previous post introduced Smart Unit Tests. Please read that first if you have not already done so. Now let us continue. How is “Smart Unit Tests” able to generate a compact test suite with high… Read more

CodeLens in Visual Studio Online is now in Public Preview

Update: Added a Troubleshooting section. Introduction CodeLens is a heads-up display in your Visual Studio Editor where you can find information about your code in-context.   We had enabled CodeLens in Visual Studio Online for select customers as a Limited CTP in Nov 2014. We have evaluated the performance & scale characteristics and now feel… Read more

Updated Application Insights Status Monitor to support .12 (and later) Application Insights SDK

The latest release of the Application Insights Status Monitor tool provides an update to the runtime instrumentation agent, which is a component of Application Insights that automatically discovers your code dependencies like SQL databases, other HTTP endpoints and Azure storage accounts.  This new runtime instrumentation agent requires your application to use the .12 (or later)… Read more

Getting started with Cloud-based Load Test REST APIs

REST API’s are pretty cool, enabling you to do things like write your own custom reports, write your own interfaces and of course integrating load tests into your build.  Looking at the sample referenced with our REST API documentation; at 400 lines to demonstrate 4 API’s I must admit I found it pretty daunting so… Read more