Install Visual Studio Marketplace extensions directly to Team Foundation Server

You can now install Visual Studio Marketplace Extensions to Team Foundation Server “15” RC1 seamlessly. When you browse the Marketplace from TFS, you’ll now see a new connected experience. Install a free extension Let’s walk through installing a free extension. We’ll start from TFS and choose Browse Marketplace. Because we connected to the Marketplace from… Read more

Continuous Delivery of iOS Applications with Visual Studio Team Services

We are happy to announce an Apple App Store extension that allows deploying iOS applications to the Apple App Store via Team Services or Team Foundation Server (2015 Update 3 or later). Along with the Google Play extension, this provides a good story for continuous deployment of iOS and Android mobile applications via Team Services and TFS…. Read more

New requirement when updating Team Services extensions on the Marketplace

If you develop extensions for Visual Studio Team Services or Team Foundation Server, there is a new requirement during publishing that you should be aware of: when updating an extension on the Marketplace, the updated extension’s version number must be greater than the published extension’s version number. To say it another way, you must increment the version of your… Read more

Upcoming Changes to How You Log into Visual Studio Team Services

In order to make it easier for you to sign into Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), we will soon be updating the steps that you will take when you log into your account.  After we’ve made these changes, you will see some new login screens when connect to the service. If you’re using Azure Active… Read more

Becoming more productive with Git: Tower and Team Services

Posted on behalf of guest blogger: Tobias Günther, CEO Fournova — Working with Git in Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server just became even easier: the popular Git desktop client Tower now comes with dedicated integrations for these services. With that, cloning and creating repositories is now just a click away – and many other… Read more

User Lifecycle Management Improvements in Visual Studio Team Services

Today Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) is releasing an update to our service which will bring more of Office 365 and Azure Active Directory (AAD)’s user lifecycle management capabilities to VSTS. With this update, customers using AAD to secure VSTS accounts  can be confident that whenever a user is disabled or deleted within their AAD… Read more

Testing private/intranet applications using Cloud-based load testing

Cloud-based Load Testing Service can be used for performance and scale testing of an application by generating load from Azure. This type of load generation can only hit/generate load on an internet/publically accessible application. But we have seen many times customer needs to load test their application which is not publically accessible. Reasons could be… Read more

Work items now open in the web from Visual Studio ’15’

If you use work item tracking with Visual Studio ’15’, you may have noticed that work items now open in a browser window. This change to how you interact with work items allows us to provide you with a number of benefits. One work item experience for all platforms Work items are canvases for discussion… Read more

Use cloud load agents on your infrastructure

This blog talks about how you can configure your own machines (physical/VMs) with Cloud-based Load Testing service to do a load test run. This is primarily useful when you want to load test an application which is not publically accessible. To get more context around this, please refer ‘Load testing Applications behind Firewall using Cloud-based… Read more

Inside Visual Studio Team Services: Summer Interns and Package Management

Each month, we bring you the insiders view into Visual Studio Team Services – how the product is developed, how we dogfood it and use it every day, who are the people behind it and tips and tricks on becoming a power user This month, we interview our Explorer Interns – Aurélie Pluche, Tracy Tran… Read more