Agent-based deployment in Release Management

Agent-based deployment in Release Management Our approach in Release management so far has been to integrate with various deployment tools and platforms while providing rich control over the flow of bits, traceability, and auditability. When it comes to PaaS deployments, we have first-class integration with Azure, platform abstracts out the complexity. For IaaS deployments, we have… Read more

What’s new in Git for Windows 2.11?

Git for Windows v2.11.0 is out! Download it here (homepage is here). The new version corresponds to Git v2.11.0 (release notes are here, and our friends over at GitHub blogged about it, too). Apart from the improvements inherited from the “upstream Git” project, Git for Windows also updated some libraries to address security concerns, and dropped… Read more

Live Dependency Validation in Visual Studio 2017

Last month we announced that Visual Studio “Dev15” Preview 5 now supported Live Dependency Validation. In this blog post, I’ll give you an update about: an on-demand //connect 2016 video we’ve recorded about Live Dependency Validation improvements in the experience in Visual Studio 2017 RC known issues: what did not make it for RC, but… Read more

Evolving the Visual Studio Test Platform – Part 3: .NET Core, convergence, and cross-plat

[This is the 3rd post in the series on evolving the Visual Studio Test Platform. You can read the earlier posts here: Evolving the Visual Studio Test Platform – Part 2, Evolving the Visual Studio Test Platform – Part 1] As .NET Core draws an ever-growing community of developers with existing assets and experiences, it… Read more

Getting the most out of Git

Posted on behalf of guest blogger: Tobias Günther, CEO Fournova . Git Tower and Team Services together provide an awesome Git solution for your team, on Mac and (now!) Windows.  — In the last few years, millions of developers have started to use Git. But just a fraction of them are using it confidently and productively: Git’s large feature… Read more

Test Controller, Test Agent versions and their usage in different scenarios

There have been several questions on the different scenarios related to running automated tests in various workflows and which versions can / cannot be used. Let’s use the following 2 names for categorizing how agents get used: Test Controller/Test Agent (TC/TA) scenarios – this refers to on-premises load testing, running automated tests in the XAML build workflows,… Read more

Team Services November Extensions Roundup

This month, I’ve got two fun new extensions that have lots of potential; both of them are highly trending – taking some of the top spots for our most downloaded extensions over the last 30 days. I hope you enjoy these and have a Happy Thanksgiving! Activity Feed See it in the Marketplace: I… Read more

Azure App Services Continuous Delivery

We are continuously working on improving and simplifying the deployment experience to Azure from Visual Studio Team Services. As a part of that effort, we are excited to announce preview of the Continuous Delivery feature we have added for App Services in the Azure portal. Continuous Delivery simplifies setting up a robust deployment pipeline, you… Read more

Storyboard shapes extensions being deprecated from Visual Studio Marketplace

Starting today Visual Studio extensions are now being served from the Visual Studio Marketplace. Nearly all 10,000 + private and public Visual Studio extensions have been migrated to the Visual Studio Marketplace. As part of this change we are deprecating the Storyboard Shapes extensions which were for Microsoft PowerPoint. We will be maintaining direct downloads… Read more

Visual Studio extensions now on the Marketplace!

We launched the public preview of the Visual Studio Marketplace at Connect() last year. Since then we’ve added a lot of features and have seen great engagement from developers both building and consuming extensions. But there was always one major missing element in our catalog, and that was Visual Studio extensions. Today we are proud… Read more