What’s new for iOS and Android developers using JavaScript?

With the release of Visual Studio 2017 RC this week, we’re introducing you to the latest and greatest release of the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova (TACO). In this release, we’re tackling the big problems – the issues we know you face every day as mobile developers. They fall into two major themes: Fast,… Read more

Answers to your top TACO questions

Last month I had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion at the Microsoft Ignite conference where we discussed mobile app development. I spoke about Visual Studio’s Tools for Apache Cordova (a.k.a. “TACO” for short) side-by-side with James Montemagno of Xamarin fame, Ankit Asthana from the Visual Studio C++ team, and Daniel Jacobson from… Read more

Visual Studio TACO Update 10

We are proud to present Update 10 of the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova (TACO). You can look forward to installing it with Update 3 of Visual Studio 2015, or download and install it directly now. If this is the first time you’ve heard of TACO, try our beginner’s guide and build your first… Read more

Visual Studio TACO Update 9

Update 9 of the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova (TACO) is ready for you! You’ll soon see a notification in Visual Studio to install the update or you can download and install it directly, now. If this is the first you’ve heard of TACO, take a moment and learn more about our mobile developer… Read more

Visual Studio TACO Update 8 and new Ionic templates

Last week we announced many new Visual Studio updates, including Ionic support in the Cordova Extension for Visual Studio Code, and Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova (TACO) Update 8. In this post, I’ll highlight the main changes included in the Visual Studio TACO Update 8 release – which you already have If you installed… Read more

10 things you should try on the leap day

It’s February 2016 and so those of us on the Gregorian calendar get to enjoy an extra day in the month! What will you do in those 24 bonus hours? How about learning some new tools and technologies? Here are ten great suggestions—OK, eleven! It is a leap year, so it’s a leap list: Get… Read more

Announcing the Intune App SDK

One of the challenges enterprises face in a cloud-first, mobile-first world is protecting sensitive data in the face of an increasing number of business critical mobile apps running on employee owned devices. To help tackle these challenges, Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is designed to help organizations manage mobile devices and applications. This is achieved… Read more

SAP Fiori Mobile Apps and Tools for Apache Cordova

Cordova makes it easy to build an app for iOS, Android, and Windows using web technologies. Although Blank project templates in Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova provide all the raw materials to build your basic “Hello World”, you have also told us that you would like to see richer starting points. We have covered… Read more

Talk with our Apache Cordova Tooling team, live!

In the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova team, we’re always looking for ways to connect with developers using our tools to create mobile apps. Starting next week, we’re taking a cue from the ASP.NET team and trying a new format – live, weekly, community question and answer sessions via our http://taco.visualstudio.com/live site. We’ll be… Read more

Apache Cordova Face-to-Face Meeting, Fall 2015

Microsoft hosted an in-person meeting in mid-October for Apache Cordova committers and developers. The goal was to two-fold: (1) advance conversations around Apache Cordova’s future road map and (2) review the project health and, where necessary, create an action plan to address any quality issues identified by developers. The themes of the meeting included our… Read more