Improving Setup in Visual Studio 2013 Update 2

A few weeks ago at the Build conference, we released a release candidate of the second update to Visual Studio 2013. This update of Visual Studio contained significant new functionality including being able to create Universal Apps for both Windows and Windows Phone. To be able to target Windows Phone, developers need to use emulators… Read more

Asynchronous Solution Load Performance Improvements in Visual Studio 2013

Improving Solution Loads Over the past few years, the Visual Studio team has been working hard to improve Visual Studio performance and scalability when working with large solutions. One area of particular interest to many of you has been our initial solution load times. For Visual Studio 2012, we implemented changes that enabled large solutions… Read more

LightSwitch Performance Win in Visual Studio 2013

With the release of Visual Studio 2013 RC, we on the LightSwitch Team have made some changes in how much bandwidth our HTML Client and Server use when communicating. Let’s take a look at what we did and how it can be useful to both developers and users of LightSwitch applications. A Slimmer ODATA Format… Read more

Visual Studio Performance – Providing Feedback

With VS 2013 Preview now available for download, we’re excited to share how we’ve been using the feedback and data you’ve shared with us to drive performance improvements to Visual Studio.   In this first post, we’ll walk through how we’re prioritizing and scheduling performance investments based on your feedback, and outline the best ways for… Read more

Improved Toolbox Performance Delivers Highly Responsive Visual Studio 2012

As mentioned in the previous performance post on Typing and Editing we would follow with a post on the improvements to Visual Studio 2012 from enhancements in the Toolbox. I would like to introduce Duke Kamstra and Chuck England from two teams in Visual Studio to describe to you the work done to improve responsiveness… Read more

Visual Studio 11 Performance: Improvements in Typing and Editing Responsiveness

After the beta release, we published several posts on the performance improvements in Visual Studio 11. Since the beta release, we have made a number of additional enhancements, continuing our quest to improve the performance of Visual Studio. The performance work done between beta and the upcoming RC was substantial and covered many aspects of… Read more

Visual Studio 11 Beta Performance Part #3

Welcome back to the 3rd and final part of the Visual Studio 11 Beta Performance series. This week’s topic is Debugging. As I mentioned in the 1st post debugging is a key component in your continuous interaction with Visual Studio and we heard from you that the compile, edit and debug cycle had hiccups and… Read more

Visual Studio 11 Beta Performance Part #2

Welcome back to part 2 of the Visual Studio 11 Beta Performance series.  This week’s topic is Solution Load.  We received a great deal of feedback from you clearly telling us that it takes too long to get into your code when loading solutions.  I would like to introduce Nathan Halstead, from the Visual Studio… Read more

Visual Studio 11 Beta Performance Part #1

Following the //Build conference last year I posted “Addressing Visual Studio Performance” to gather your feedback on Visual Studio performance and to discuss with you those areas you felt were important for us to improve. Next, I posted “An update on Visual Studio Performance” about some of the work we are doing and promised you… Read more

An update on Visual Studio performance

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has contributed to our UserVoice performance site by entering areas you would like to see us improve and for voting on those items.  To date we have had over 4700 posts and votes showing the passion you all have for Visual Studio and its performance. … Read more