Analyze CPU and Memory while Debugging

Would you like to learn how to make your code run faster, use less memory, or just find out whether your code has a CPU or memory issue? Of course you would—you’re a developer! But then, memory and performance tuning often suffers from the pitfall of being an “important but not urgent” task that you… Read more

Introduction to Debugging

Whenever those of us in Visual Studio give talks or write blog posts about debugging, we typically focus on tips and tricks and new features that take for granted you already know the basics of debugging. The problem with this is like most things in life debugging is a skill you have to learn before… Read more

The Glimpse Team Joins Microsoft

Today, when building applications, web developers need to consider more browsers, platforms, devices, and form factors than ever before. Recent hardware advances, from mobile computing, touch interfaces and high resolution displays, to the ever shifting landscape of browser API’s and JavaScript libraries, have elevated the level of discipline required to be successful on the modern… Read more

Debugging Tips and Tricks

Unfortunately bugs are a part of software development, and despite our best efforts to write software correctly from the start we spend a lot of time in the debugger. While bugs are an unfortunate fact of life, finding them doesn’t have to be as painful as it often is. For you problem-solvers out there, the… Read more

Tools for Apache Cordova Update: Windows Phone 8.1 Debugging Support

For those of you running Visual Studio 2013, yesterday we released Tools for Apache Cordova CTP 3.1. This release contains a large number of performance and reliability improvements (many of which you’ve reported) along with support for Windows Phone 8.1 debugging. Note: If you use Visual Studio 2015 and have CTP6 installed, you already have… Read more

Connect(“Live”); – Debugging and Cloud Diagnostics Visual Studio Team Q&A

One of the best parts of my job as a Product Manager in the Visual Studio team is working on events for you, our community. Last year in November I worked on one such event called Connect(); where we announced a ton of releases such as Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 2015 preview, Visual Studio… Read more

New Visual Studio 2012 Debugging Features for the Windows 8 App Lifecycle Model

Windows 8 brings a new app lifecycle model, in which Windows Store apps are automatically managed for the user. These apps always feel alive, even though they never run when they’re off the screen. This provides great benefits for power consumption and battery life. Here are a few related blog posts we recommend for background… Read more

JavaScript Debugging Enhancements

Visual Studio 11 Beta introduces a first class JavaScript development experience and provides a rich toolset for developing Windows Metro style apps. Debugging is a crucial part of that toolset. In this post I am going to focus on just some of the new scenarios and enhancements we’ve added to JavaScript debugging experience for this… Read more

Debugging MSBuild script with Visual Studio (3)

In my last two posts (here and here) I showed how to enable the unsupported MSBuild debugger to debug a build started on the command line with MSBuild.exe. In this final post, I’ll mention some other variations. Note that this blog is rather narrow, so some of the screenshots may be hard to see –… Read more

Debugging MSBuild script with Visual Studio (2)

In my previous post, I showed how to enable the hidden Visual Studio debugger for MSBuild script, and demonstrated it by stepping through the evaluation of a C# project. In this post, I’ll keep debugging into the actual build of that project. Note that this blog is rather narrow, so some of the screenshots may… Read more