Connect(“Live”); – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & TypeScript Live Q&A

This week we bring you another installment of our Connect(“Live”); // Q&A series, this time featuring Mads Kristensen, Damien Edwards, and Ryan J. Salva who work on core Visual Studio capabilities for web developers. This is your chance to hear from the experts and ask questions during the free live event, we hope you join… Read more

Tools for Apache Cordova Update: Windows Phone 8.1 Debugging Support

For those of you running Visual Studio 2013, yesterday we released Tools for Apache Cordova CTP 3.1. This release contains a large number of performance and reliability improvements (many of which you’ve reported) along with support for Windows Phone 8.1 debugging. Note: If you use Visual Studio 2015 and have CTP6 installed, you already have… Read more

Building Windows Phone 8.1 Apps in HTML

Last week at the BUILD conference, we announced that you can now build apps for Windows Phone 8.1 using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using much the same techniques you use for building Windows 8.1 Store apps today. To help you build these apps, we’ve made many improvements to Visual Studio 2013 and Blend for Visual… Read more

What’s new for HTML Developers in Blend for Visual Studio 2013

At Windows’ Build conference in June, we introduced Visual Studio and Blend 2013 Preview to the world. With this release, we significantly expanded Visual Studio’s support for creating Window Store Apps using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. In addition to the client-side diagnostics and debugging tools found in Visual Studio, Blend also added a host of… Read more