What’s new for editor extenders in Beta 2?

Noah Richards – Developer, Visual Studio Editor Team Short Bio:  Noah has been working on the Visual Studio Editor team since he graduated college two and a half years ago.  He maintains a blog, posts sample code for editor extensions, and frequently answers editor-related questions on Twitter. Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on… Read more

Framework Multi-Targeting for VC++ Projects

Short Bio: Pavan Adharapurapu is a developer on the Visual Studio Project and Build team. As part of VS 2010, he has worked on numerous features of the VC++ project system such as property sheets, filters, property pages, platform and tool extensibility, etc. His long term focus is on developing a “common project system” infrastructure… Read more

Debugging Expression Trees in Visual Studio 2010

First of all, let’s take a look at the example from one of my previous posts. It creates an expression tree for calculating the factorial of a number. ParameterExpression value = Expression.Parameter(typeof(int), “value”); ParameterExpression result = Expression.Parameter(typeof(int), “result”); LabelTarget label = Expression.Label(typeof(int)); BlockExpression block = Expression.Block( new[] { result }, Expression.Assign(result, Expression.Constant(1)), Expression.Loop( Expression.IfThenElse( Expression.GreaterThan(value,… Read more

Diagnosing Toolbox Filtering Errors

Hi again – Josh here, Toolbox developer. If you’ve created or installed a toolbox item, but it doesn’t appear in the toolbox when the appropriate designer is active, the first thing to do is select “Show All” from the toolbox and check to see if the item is there at all.  (The new search feature… Read more

Can I host a VSIX on my own server?

Several of our VSIP partners have asked me if they can host their VSIX file on their own server and what would the user experience be? To answer the first question, yes, you can host your VSIX file on your owner server.  It doesn’t have to live on the Visual Studio Gallery.  Customers who visit… Read more

Behind the Scenes: The Splash Screen

Paul Harrington – Principal Developer, Visual Studio Shell Team Short Bio: Paul Harrington is a principal software developer on the Visual Studio platform team. He has worked on every version of Visual Studio .Net to date. Prior to joining the Visual Studio team in 2000, Paul spent six years working on mapping and trip planning… Read more

Improvements to VS 2010 Text Selection

Brittany Behrens – Program Manager, Visual Studio Editor Team Short Bio: I’m Brittany, a Program Manager on the Visual Studio Editor team.  Some of you may recognize me from Connect bugs or as the main voice of @VSEditor on Twitter, and I’m responsible for a variety of Editor features.  I love hearing from customers, so… Read more

Send Us Your Feedback: Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Survey!

Weston Hutchins – Program Manager, Visual Studio Shell Team Short Bio: I started at Microsoft as an intern in 2005 and have been working in Visual Studio ever since.  I’m currently a PM on the VS Shell Team.  No, not the “Isolated” or “Integrated” Shell, but the core VS IDE – it’s UI and services. … Read more