STL Resources on MSDN

Before reviewing the excellent standard template library resources on MSDN (including Channel 9), did you know Visual Studio 2013.1 (Update 1) is available now? Brian Harry writes about the release on his blog, mentioning that the release is smaller and focused on working better with IE versions prior to IE 10. It is worth a… Read more

Targeting Windows XP with C++ in Visual Studio 2012

We recently announced the Visual Studio 2012 product lineup and platform support, and as a part of this announcement we mentioned that we were evaluating options for enabling C++ developers to build applications in Visual Studio 2012 that run on Windows XP without requiring side-by-side installation of Visual Studio 2010. Today I would like to… Read more

Announcing Wrox’s Professional C++, 2nd Edition

Greetings! I’m Marc Gregoire, a Microsoft MVP VC++ since 2007, and I’m pleased to tell you that I’ve finished work on my book “Professional C++, Second Edition”. This second edition includes the latest C++ standard, C++11, and is based on the great first edition written by Nicholas A. Solter, Scott J. Kleper. The book is… Read more

C++11 Features in Visual C++ 11

UPDATE – March 2, 2012: the range-based for-loop and override/final v1.0 have been implemented in VC11 Beta.   There’s a new C++ Standard and a new version of Visual C++, and it’s time to reveal what features from the former we’re implementing in the latter! Terminology notes: During its development, the new C++ Standard was… Read more

C9::GoingNative: Visual C++ Upcoming IDE Demos, a CRT Talk and More!!

Greetings! Charles Torre and I came back with the second episode of Channel 9 Going Native –which is actually episode 1, considering that C++, as a C-like language, starts indexing from 0. This time we follow up from a recent article that my colleague and friend Sumit Kumar (Program Manager in the Visual C++ team)… Read more