Visual Studio Build Tools now include the VS2017 and VS2015 MSVC Toolsets

点这里看中文版 The Visual C++ Build tools have been a huge success since we introduced them two years ago. The C++ Build Tools were originally released as a standalone installer that only laid down the tools required to build C++ projects without installing the Visual Studio IDE. Many developers have found them useful in environments that… Read more

Stay up-to-date with the Visual C++ tools on NuGet

Update 11 Nov ’17 We’ve moved off the dogfood server at to a professionally administrated MyGet server. Check out for new daily drops. Update 8 Jul ’17: We now have NuGet packages matching released versions of our toolset on the official server. There’s no setup to use these packages: just select the… Read more

Announcing the official release of the Visual C++ Build Tools 2015

Looking for the Visual Studio 2017 Build Tools? See this blog post about the new VS 2017 installer that makes the Build Tools part of the regular VS product. Last November we previewed a different way of installing the C++ tools: Visual C++ Build Tools 2015. The Build Tools are the same C++ tools that you get… Read more

Try out the latest C++ compiler toolset without waiting for the next update of Visual Studio

Updated 22 Apr 2016: The NuGet package is now being uploaded daily. The payload doesn’t change every day but you should see new bug fixes and/or feature updates every five days or so. See the blog post announcement here: Last November we announced a prerelease of the Visual C++ Build Tools, a standalone C++ installer for build… Read more

Setup Changes in Visual Studio 2015 Affecting C++ Developers

As mentioned in the Visual Studio 2015 IDE blog post, the setup experience of the product now provides more control to the user, for what does and doesn’t get installed.  That blog post also talks about the rationale for this change and future direction for Visual Studio install experience.  C++ is one of the features… Read more