C++ Edit and Continue in Visual Studio 2015 Update 3

We’ve been continuing to improve on C++ Edit and Continue (EnC) since we shipped it in Visual Studio 2015 with the default debug engine and the VC 140 toolset. We’ve addressed a fair bit of customer feedback and based on this, I’ll go over the latest developments in C++ EnC for Update 3 (download) and other… Read more

Java debugging and language support in Visual Studio for Android

As part of our continued efforts to make Visual Studio a productive environment for developing mobile applications we’re pleased to announce that Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 RC adds support for debugging your Java source files that are part of your Android projects and (with the help of an extension) get IntelliSense and Browsing assistance… Read more

Debug Visualizers in Visual C++ 2015

When debugging your native applications, it is often useful to view the values of the objects in memory in a specific way, whether that be with custom string formatting, or even performing an operation on the data to make it more meaningful and easy to interpret.  Since VS2012, Visual Studio had provided the .natvis visualizer… Read more

Native Memory Diagnostics in CTP 5

The Visual Studio Memory Usage tool is now selected by default in VS2015 CTP 5.  When you first debug a native app in CTP 5, the Diagnostic Tools window will launch and show both the Memory Usage and CPU Usage tools since they are both checked by default.  For more information on the Diagnostic Tools… Read more

Debug JNI Android Applications using Visual C++ Cross-Platform Mobile

With Visual Studio 2015 preview (download here) we have introduced the ability for developers to create cross-platform mobile applications with Visual C++. For the Android platform specifically this enablement includes ability for developers to create native-activity applications, dynamic and static native binaries along with a range of features to provide a fast, lean and mean… Read more

Native Memory Diagnostics in VS2015 Preview

In Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 and also in the earlier CTP releases of Visual Studio 2015, we released a memory diagnostic tool that allowed developers to take heap snapshots of their application and then examine the heap contents upon terminating their application.  The initial release supported viewing managed and native objects in the heap,… Read more

C++ Debugging Improvements in Visual Studio "14"

In Visual Studio 2015 we’ve introduced two improvements to the C++ debugging experience to address pain points that we’ve heard from you. Improved startup performance when launching applications (F5), and reduced the chance functions called from the Watch or Immediate windows deadlocking. Improved startup performance on F5 When a process is launched by a native debugger, Windows… Read more

Project Support for Natvis

The past two releases of Visual Studio have evolved the Natvis format to allow developers to easily visualize their debug data inside the VC++ expression evaluator.  The first Visual Studio “14” CTP provides a new way for native developers to consume and manage their Natvis debug visualizers.  In response to requests from Visual Studio developers,… Read more

Native Memory Diagnostic Tools for Visual Studio “14” CTP

In Update 2 for Visual Studio 2013, memory diagnostic tools were added for Windows Store and Windows Phone that enable developers to monitor live memory consumption and take heap snapshots of their applications for further analysis.  The Visual Studio team is extending the existing tools to work for Windows Desktop applications in the next major… Read more