On C++ AMP Remappable Shader

This blog post describes C++ AMP remappable shader feature and the changes that it brings to the compilation/execution model in Visual Studio 2014. This feature improves C++ AMP code compilation speed without affecting runtime performance. We will provide data to show the improvements and cover the steps to utilize this feature. To understand the advantage… Read more

Parallel STL – Democratizing Parallelism in C++

Only a few years ago, writing parallel code in C++ was a domain of the experts. Nowadays, this field is becoming more and more accessible to regular developers thanks to the advances in libraries, such as the PPL and C++ AMP from Microsoft, Intel’s Threading Building Blocks, OpenMP or OpenACC if you prefer a pragma-style… Read more

C++ AMP to target Khronos SPIR and HSAIL

The Parallel Programming in Native Code blog recently announced Clang support for C++ AMP via LLVM backend. This is a key milestone in our commitment (as mentioned in Somasegar’s blog) to share the C++ AMP specification to all C++ developers, regardless of whether they’re using Visual C++ or not. Portability across hardware and platforms is… Read more

The Microsoft C++ Compiler Turns 20!

This month, we enter the third decade of C++ at Microsoft. It was twenty years ago, in February of 1992, that we released our first C++ compiler: Microsoft C/C++ 7.0. Before then, we already worked with several of the C++ “preprocessor” compilers that took C++ and converted it to C before our compiler then created… Read more