Deep Dive into NuGet Native (Part One)

Howdy! Today I thought I’d start explaining how NuGet supports C/C++ packages under the covers, and look into how one could (theoretically) manually construct a package without using the CoApp PowerShell tools.   As I mentioned before, C/C++ packages built for NuGet didn’t require a whole lot of change in NuGet itself—primarily because if we… Read more

New Channel 9 video on the Visual Studio 3D Starter Kit now online

If you’re interested in DirectX development, head on over to Channel 9, where there’s a new video about the Visual Studio 3D Starter Kit.  This time, Roberto Sonnino interviews Gokhan Sengun, who’s created the Virtual Experiment Laboratory app, which is the first known app on the Windows Store that was built using the Starter Kit… Read more

NuGet for C++

The wait is over.  NuGet support for C++ projects is here. Quick Links• NuGet 2.5 Download page:• CoApp’s Powershell Tools Installer to create C++ NuGet packages:• Some C++ NuGet packages to try out: Start downloading, then head on back here to learn more about NuGet and how to create and use packages for C++ libraries. What… Read more

Finding the Visual Studio Command Prompts in Visual Studio 2012

If you’re using Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 8, you may be looking for the Visual Studio Command Prompt shortcuts.  These shortcuts are installed by Visual Studio to run scripts that configure the command line environment to use particular sets of Visual Studio tools, or to use specific versions of the Visual C++ compiler from… Read more