Parallel STL – Democratizing Parallelism in C++

Only a few years ago, writing parallel code in C++ was a domain of the experts. Nowadays, this field is becoming more and more accessible to regular developers thanks to the advances in libraries, such as the PPL and C++ AMP from Microsoft, Intel’s Threading Building Blocks, OpenMP or OpenACC if you prefer a pragma-style… Read more

Image Processing with C++ AMP and the .NET Framework

Image processing is a computational task that lends itself very well to GPU compute scenarios. In many cases the most commonly used algorithms are inherently massively parallel, with each pixel in the image being processed independently from the others. As a result, image processing toolkits have been early adopters of the new GPGPU programming model…. Read more

More Q&A for the C++ AMP book

As we shared last week, Kate Gregory and Ade Miller have released C++ AMP, an exploration of accelerated massive parallelism with Microsoft® Visual C++®. In that post, Ade answered a few of our hard-hitting questions. In this post, Kate answers the same set of questions: Q1.    “C++ AMP” in 140 characters or less? C++ apps… Read more

Check out the new C++ AMP book by Kate Gregory and Ade Miller

The C++ AMP book by Kate Gregory and Ade Miller is available in print or online from your favorite retailer! What is in it for you? Among other things, you will discover how to: Gain greater code performance using graphics processing units (GPUs) Choose accelerators that enable you to write code for GPUs Apply thread tiles,… Read more