What has the VC++ Team Been Doing since VS 2005 Shipped?

Hi! My name is Shaun Miller and I’m the test lead for the Visual C++ Release and IDE quality assurance teams. I’ve been around Microsoft for the last 10 years and Visual C++ has been a big part of my experience here. We’ve been very busy on the Visual C++ team since we shipped VS… Read more

How do we test our libraries?

Hi, my name is Jeff Peil and I’m the QA lead on the VC++ libraries team.  Today I wanted to talk a little bit about how we test our libraries.  One of the biggest challenges with libraries is that we don’t just ship them to our customers directly, but that code gets included in the… Read more

Tech Ed 2006

Boris Jabes – a program manager on the Visual C++ IDE team – has posted impressions of Tech Ed 2006 on his blog.  He shares insights into what went on at the conference and the issues customers brought up.  Check it out here. Thanks,The Visual C++ Team… Read more

Visual C++ Compiler Plans

Hi: my name is Jonathan Caves and I’m a developer on the Visual C++ Compiler Team. I thought I’d take a few moments to let you know about the plans our team has for the next release of Visual C++.   After the last release of Visual C++ we took a long, hard look at the compiler… Read more

Information on VC2005 SP1

Hi, my name is Leslie Giblett and I’m a Release Manager on the Visual C++ team.  As a Release Manager, I am responsible for insuring that the VC++ team releases a high quality product that tracks to our planned schedules. I work closely with our Management, Development and Quality Assurance teams to drive bug fixes… Read more

VC2005 SP1 Bug Fixes – Libraries

Invalid range check in checked_array_iterator operator [] (Beowulff)_localtime64. Bug in “manual” conversion to local time. (wtom)error on std::malloc, std::free with _CRTDBG_MAP_ALLOC (Martin Sebor)Deprecation warning in CRT and SCL (C++ Standard)event_source(com) attribute causing c4701 warning (AdeskDaug)Tools > Error Lookup (Adam Tatusko)uninitialised variable in ATL classes for performance counters (Frank Eden)ATL::W2A_CP misses a closing bracket (Ilia)atlsoap.h: Call… Read more

VC2005 SP1 Bug Fixes – Front End

TERNARY: Compiler error: arrays decay into pointers (Mycroft Holmes)Properties of nested classes cannot access inherited protected members (C++/CLI) (Bekas)LVALUE: DIAG: Bogus error “C2102: ‘&’ requires l-value” on valid code. (Paul Pluzhnikov)CONFORM: For references of function type ,argument deduction behaves incorrectly (ppliu)[CUSTOMER, MF] Intellisense infers too much by helping autocomplete on undefined types (Brian_Kramer)FRNDTEMP: Valid template… Read more

VC2005 SP1 Bug Fixes – Back End

Internal Compiler Error C1001 at compiler file ‘f:vs70builds3077vcCompilerUtcsrcP2main.c’, line 148 when compiling file from ATLAS math lib (fullung)EH: BADIL: Inconsistent order of execution of destructors and finally blocks during stack unwinding (igorf)nmake doesn’t read the Tools.ini file properly. (Reality)Can’t compile project from command line during automated build executed under Local System account (fatal error C1902)… Read more

VC2005 SP1 Bug Fixes – IDE

Can’t display xmm1 in 64bit debugging watch window (spec)Add a keyboard shortcut for editing an existing user macro (Avery Lee)changing preprocessor definitions with #ifdef code open in editor causes graying to foul up (x64) (zeromus)Parameter help highlighting of current parameter inside the definition of inherited overridden functions is broken (always highlights the first parameter only)… Read more

IDE Feature Work

Hi, my name is Ameya Limaye and I am a developer on the VC++ IDE Team, working mainly on the Intellisense, Browsing and Editor feature areas. Prior to this I was on the VC++ Compiler Team. I would like to take this opportunity to discuss several of the improvements we have made in VS 2005… Read more