Visual C++ Orcas Feature Specifications online

To allow customers to evaluate and plan for our upcoming “Visual Studio Orcas” release (and to highlight exactly what we have accomplished), we are sharing our Orcas Feature Specifications as soon as features make it out the door – either via a Community Technology Preview (CTP) or, in the future, as part of an Orcas… Read more

The Cost of a Test Defect

Hi, I’m Marina Polishchuk, an SDET on the VC++ Compiler Front End team.  Recently, I have been working on investigating Orcas test pass results, which involves validating and reproducing the results, researching into causes of failures, and filing bugs when appropriate.  This is a typical activity for an SDET throughout the latter stages of our… Read more

Custom Wizards

My name is Martha Wieczorek; I am a Software Design Engineer in Test in Visual C++ IDE team. I am going to talk about Custom Wizards and the changes made to this wizard in Visual Studio codename Orcas.   Wizard is the name for a Visual Studio feature that facilitates the creation of new projects… Read more

Channel 9: Marshalling Library and Vista Development with VC++

The latest Channel 9 video by the Visual C++ team has just been released. This video features Sarita Bafna, a PM on the libraries team, talking about a few of our latest features which are previewed in the March CTP:   MFC support for Vista IDE support for Vista Native-Managed Marshalling Library “MFC support for… Read more

Spy++ Update

Hi, Pat Brenner again.  I recently posted an article about Spy++ internals.  I have some updates that I want to share with you.  Some of this article will be clearer if you first read that one.   First, Spy++ has been updated for Visual Studio codename Orcas to handle the new common controls/messages/flags added in… Read more

MFC Updates for Vista Common Controls

MFC has been updated for Visual Studio codename Orcas to handle the new common controls/messages/flags added in Windows Vista.  We have made a number of updates to MFC to wrap the new controls and messages, so when you’re using these new capabilities, MFC will make it easier to code them.   Three new MFC classes… Read more

Multi-processor builds in Orcas

Hey again, everyone.  I’m Peter-Michael, a program manager with the VC++ compiler team.  Continuing with the Orcas feature parade, I’d like to talk about the compiler’s team contribution to the product.  Back in June, Jonathan Caves posted about the compiler team’s plans for Orcas.  To recap, the compiler team is using this product cycle to… Read more

USA Daylight Savings Time (DST) Update

Starting from March 2007, the Daylight Savings Time (DST) start date and end date for the United States will change. DST will start at 2:00 A.M. on the second Sunday in March and end at 2:00 A.M on the first Sunday in November. The C Run-Time (CRT) performs its own time handling only when the… Read more

ATL Server: Shared Source Release Now Available!

ATL Server is now released as a shared source project on!  You can download all the source to ATL Server and use it with recently released March CTP of Visual Studio codename Orcas.  The release of this code allows developers to innovate and evolve the library to meet needs of their applications. To learn more,… Read more

Managed Incremental Build

Real-world solutions typically consist of multiple projects – often many projects. The projects are usually related to each other in some sort of dependency relationship. For example, consider a solution with 3 primary output targets (P1-3), a few intermediate components (I1-5), and a few shared dlls (L1-3). The dependencies might look something like this (totally… Read more