Fixing "Unsatisfied forward declaration" error from MIDL

Earlier this week I was helping a customer port some code from Visual Studio 2005 to a beta build of Orcas when we noticed an interesting change of behavior in how the new version of midl.exe (from the Windows Vista SDK release) was parsing code.  In case you run into the issue, here’s a brief… Read more

Fuzz Testing

Hello. My name is Pengpeng Wang, a new VC++ IDE QA member. I joined Microsoft and the VC++ IDE team just a little over four months ago. These four months have been quite an experience for me. It still seems like yesterday that I was struggling with my first .NET “hello world” assignment. My mentor,… Read more

Fixing COM Interface Redefinition Error

Hello my name is Steven Toscano and I work on the Visual C++ IDE team.  Recently we had a customer visit that exposed a common problem people are seeing when migrating to VS2005 from older versions of VS.   You will encounter this problem if you have defined an interface with the same name as… Read more

Testing VCRedist

Hi everyone, My name is Rob Huyett, and I’m an SDET on the Visual C++ Libraries team.  I’ve been here at Microsoft for just a little over a year.  One of my recurring duties here is to test VCRedist in its various forms. VCRedist (just in case you aren’t already familiar with the term) refers… Read more

Update on the C++-0x Language Standard

Hello: the standards body that controls the C++ language (SC22/WG21) is in the process of revising the C++ language – this new revision of the C++ language, which is currently known as C++-0x, should be finished and approved by the end of the decade. As part of this process at the recent meeting of this… Read more

Channel 9: Documenting Development Technologies

This channel 9 interview features our very own Gordon Hogenson, the Visual C++ Documentation Manager who has recently released his first book “C++/CLI: The Visual C++ Language for .NET”. Gordon has worked as a manager, technical writer and test engineer for Visual C++, C# and other Microsoft products over the past 9 years. In this… Read more

Improving Our Servicing Experience

This is the second time I’ve experienced the “end game” of a product cycle in VC++. It is always a wonderful time: looking back at all the accomplishments, the satisfaction of seeing all the cool new features working smoothly together, the eagerness of finding and fixing every single bug! The pressure is still on while we… Read more

Testing the Visual C++ IDE

Hello folks!   Alvin Chardon, VC++ IDE QA member here.  I write to our readers today, not with a specific topic in mind, but with a few different thoughts collected during the Orcas product cycle. Hopefully, by the end of this narrative we can take that collection of ideas and form a coherent statement.  Don’t… Read more