Using C++17 Parallel Algorithms for Better Performance

This post is part of a regular series of posts where the C++ product team here at Microsoft and other guests answer questions we have received from customers. The questions can be about anything C++ related: MSVC toolset, the standard language and library, the C++ standards committee,, CppCon, etc. Today’s post is by Billy… Read more

Shared PCH usage sample in Visual Studio

This post was written by Olga Arkhipova and Xiang Fan Oftentimes, multiple projects in a Visual Studio solution use the same (or very similar) precompiled headers. As pch files are often big and building them takes a significant amount of time, this leads to the popular question: is it possible for several projects to use the same pch… Read more

Configuring C++ IntelliSense and Browsing

Whether you are creating a new (or modifying an existing) C++ project using a Wizard, or importing an project into Visual Studio from another IDE, it’s important to configure the project correctly for the IntelliSense and Browsing features to provide accurate information.  This article provides some tips on configuring the projects and describes a few… Read more

Continuous Integration for C++ with Visual Studio Team Services

Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) is an easy way to help your team manage code and stay connected when developing. VSTS supports continuous integration using a shared code repository that everyone on the team uses to check in code changes. Every time any code is checked in, it is fully integrated by running a full… Read more

Targeting the Windows Subsystem for Linux from Visual Studio

The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) was first introduced at Build in 2016 and was delivered as an early beta in Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Since then, the WSL team has been hard at work, dramatically improving WSL’s abilty to run an ever increasing number of native Linux command-line binaries and tools, including most mainstream… Read more

Visual C++ docs: the future is… soon!

We on the Visual C++ documentation team are pleased to announce some changes to the API reference content in the following Visual C++ libraries: STL, MFC, ATL, AMP, and ConcRT. Since the beginning of MSDN online, the Visual C++ libraries have documented each class member, free function, macro, enum, and property on a separate web… Read more