C++ Native Multi-Targeting

Instructions for native multitargeting in VS2017 can be found here: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/vcblog/2016/02/24/stuck-on-an-older-toolset-version-move-to-visual-studio-2015-without-upgrading-your-toolset/ Hello, my name is Li Shao. I am a Software Design Engineer in Test on the C++ team. For the past two years, I have been part of the team working on migrating the C++ build system from VCBuild to MSBuild as well as the new… Read more

/GL and PGO

Hi, I’m Lin Xu, a Program Manager working on the C++ compiler. Recently, we collated performance numbers from our testing passes over this release cycle. We track many different benchmarks closely for all of the architectures and switch options (/O1, /O2, /GL, /PGO). We also track these across multiple CPU models. (Yes, this is quite… Read more

TechEd Europe Demo Session – Face-Lifting MFC Applications on Windows 7

Hello, My name is Damien Watkins, and I am a Program Manager on the Visual C++ team. Today, I thought I would post the “overview script” for my TechEd Europe session – so those who could not attend can try it out for themselves at home. My talk was about the new MFC features we… Read more

Visual C++ Precompiled Header Errors on Windows 7

Several customers have encountered the following error while using the Visual C++ compiler on Windows 7:   fatal error C1859: ‘stdafx.pch’ unexpected precompiled header error, simply rerunning the compiler might fix this problem   This error manifests under the following conditions: ·         The Visual C++ compiler is invoked on Windows 7. ·         Precompiled header (PCH)… Read more

Steps to Open Actionable Bugs

Hi, I am Vaishnavi Sannidhanam, test lead from the Visual C++ Compiler Backend team. I joined Visual C++ team 4 years  ago and helped ship VS2005 and VS2008. In this blog, I would like to introduce you to the most effective way of reporting actionable bugs to us. Where to open the bug   When… Read more

Visual C++ Code Generation in Visual Studio 2010

Hello, I’m Ten Tzen, a Compiler Architect on the Visual C++ Compiler Code Generation team. Today, I’m going to introduce some noteworthy improvements in Visual Studio 2010.   Faster LTCG Compilation:  LTCG (Link Time Code Generation) allows the compiler to perform better optimizations with information on all modules in the program (for more details see… Read more

Channel 9 Video: Stephan T. Lavavej – Everything you ever wanted to know about nullptr

Stephan T. Lavavej is back in front of the Channel 9 cameras once again for a discussion on our recently implemented C++0x feature “nullptr”. In a previous channel 9 appearance, Stephan spoke about the C++0x language and library features we were implementing for VS2010  and the various interdependencies between various features (for example, how rvalue… Read more

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Is Now Available For Download

We are very pleased to announce we have released Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2.  You can read the official Beta 2 announcement on Soma’s blog. The Visual C++ team has added a few new features and, of course, many bug fixes. The additional features include some substantial new functionality in the MFC library and the… Read more

Visual C++ Code Model in Visual Studio 2010

Hello, I’m Vytautas Leonavičius, a developer on the Visual C++ IDE team. Today, I’d like to discuss how the new principles we’re applying to code browsing in Visual Studio 2010 (see here and here) will affect VCCodeModel.  General information about VCCodeModel can be found here. Improvements Because of our new incremental update architecture, VCCodeModel implicitly… Read more