Channel 9: Kate Gregory, Ale Contenti and Steve Teixeira – VC++ 2008 and Beyond

Hello Recently Kate Gregory (VC++ MVP), Ale Contenti (Dev Lead VC++) and Steve Teixeira (GPM VC++) attended TechEd Europe and presented sessions on VC++ (what else?) During a break in proceedings Charles Torre (Channel 9) caught up with all three in a speaker’s lounge and asked how the VC++ community was reacting to VC++ 2008,… Read more

Q&A about the VC++ Intellisense QFE

HelloLast week, Jim announced the availability of the Intellisense fixes as a publicly downloadable QFE for Visual C++ 2005 SP1. Since then we have seen a number of customers install the QFE and we have especially enjoyed hearing about your successful experiences with the QFE. Jim has also recently blogged about macros to control the… Read more

Controlling IntelliSense Through Macros

Hi, my name is Jim Springfield, and I’m an architect on the Visual C++ team.  When I recently blogged ( about improvements to Intellisense and overall UI responsiveness, I mentioned that there was a new mechanism that allows a developer to control some of the Intellisense options.  This will work on the released version of… Read more

Performance Improvements in Visual C++

Hi, my name is Jim Springfield, and I’m an architect on the Visual C++ team.  I recently spent two months working on some core improvements to how VC deals with Intellisense as well as overall UI responsiveness. We observed a strong correlation between the severity of these performance issues and the size of the projects… Read more

Quick Tour Of New MFC Functionality

Hi I’m Pat Brenner, a developer on the Visual C++ libraries team.  I’m pleased to give you a sneak peek at a major MFC update we’ve been working on.  Since we’re adding a number of cool new user interface components to MFC, this blog post is going to be graphics heavy.  I’d much rather show… Read more

Hola from Barcelona…and welcome to a major MFC update!

Hello again. My name is Ale Contenti, and I’m the Dev Lead for the VC++ Libraries. I’m writing this blog entry from my hotel room in Barcelona. Steve Teixeira and I are here for TechEd Developers Europe. Let me tell you that the atmosphere here is just great! Lots of people and a lot of… Read more

Channel 9: Pat Brenner – Overview of new MFC update

In this video Pat Brenner, a developer on the Visual C++ libraries team, talks about the functionality of the new MFC update.  This significantly enhanced version of MFC will enable developers to create applications with the “look and feel” of Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and Visual Studio.  Tune in to learn more about these exciting… Read more

Announcing a major MFC update plus TR1 support

As an update to Visual Studio 2008, we’re pleased to announce a major new release of the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC).  Using these components, developers will be able to create applications with the “look & feel” of Microsoft’s most popular applications – including Office, Internet Explorer and Visual Studio.  Some of the specific features include:… Read more

ISO C Standard Update

Hello!  My name is Arjun Bijanki, and I’m the test lead for the Visual C++ compiler.  I’m also Microsoft’s representative on the ISO C standard committee.  I recently returned from one of the committee’s semiannual meetings (this one was in Kona, Hawaii – tough trip! J) These days, the committee is thinking hard about the… Read more