More on the Korean Trip

Hello.  I’m Ayman Shoukry, Lead Program Manager on the libraries team. From October 8th-12th, Ulzii Luvsanbat & I took part in various customer interactions in Seoul, Korea. The main target of this visit was to update the Korean developers about our team’s strategy as well as presenting the new Visual C++ 2008 features. Our previous… Read more

Visual C++ has left the building (again) – destination Germany (after TechEd Developer Europe.)

Hello It is time for our next field trip – to meet customers face-to-face, to talk about “Visual Studio 2008 and Beyond” and get feedback on our plans going forward. This time Steve Teixeira and Ale Contenti will be visiting Germany right after TechEd Developers Europe. The event will be held on 15th November at:… Read more

Hello World? Quick Advice On Design Specifications

Alvin Chardon, VC++ IDE QA member here.  In thinking about ways of introducing the Visual C++ culture to our customers, I’ve decided to share a story.  Around 6 months ago, the Visual C++ IDE QA Team hired its newest SDET.  I was excited to hear my lead wanted me to be his mentor.  Having worked… Read more

New Intrinsic Support in Visual Studio 2008

  Hello. This is Dylan Birtolo, a UE writer for Visual C++. This is my first vcblog entry, but hopefully I will be more of a regular contributor. One of my most recent tasks was to incorporate the documentation for all of the new intrinsic functions that are being put into Visual Studio 2008 for… Read more

Visual Studio Content Survey

Hello The Visual Studio Documentation Team is running a survey on VS documentation content. We know that many of you have strong feelings and innovative ideas about what we need to do to move the documentation and the documentation system forward. Please feel free to take the survey and let them know how they can… Read more

How to redistribute the Visual C++ Libraries with your application

Hello again, this is Ben Anderson, SDET on the Visual C++ libraries team.  One of the most common questions we get from customers on the forums and elsewhere is “My app needs the Visual C++ Libraries (CRT, ATL, MFC, OpenMP or some combination thereof) – how do I get them on my customers’ machines?”  It’s… Read more

Hello from Korea

As part of the Visual C++ effort of introducing our new strategy to the C++ developers, Ulzii Luvsanbat and myself (Ayman Shoukry) are currently in Korea talking to the Korean developers about our strategy and the new features in Visual C++ 2008. The Microsoft Korean subsidiary did an excellent job organizing the events and customer… Read more