C++14/17 Features and STL Fixes in VS “15” Preview 4

Visual Studio “15” Preview 4 is now available, with a new installer.  (VS “15” is an IDE version number, not a year.  It’s the next major version after VS 2015, which was IDE version 14.  VS has different numbers for its year branding, IDE version, and C++ compiler version.)   All of the features and… Read more

Range-v3 on MSVC is Available on GitHub

We are delighted to announce that the Visual C++ Team just published an implementation of range-v3 on the Microsoft GitHub repo. This contribution comes hot on the heels of our recent work to improve expression SFINAE on our Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 VC++ compiler . This is the first implementation of the Range TS… Read more

The Lightweight Visual Studio “15” Installer

As many of you may have already seen, we have introduced a streamlined Visual Studio Installer for Visual Studio “15” to give you more control of what you install.  What began as the separation of the C++ tools for Visual Studio 2015 has now become a workload-based installation experience where you can select the tools you… Read more

STL Fixes In VS 2015 Update 3

VS 2015 Update 3 was released over a month ago.  While its release notes mentioned some STL fixes, here’s a comprehensive list.   (Previous changelogs: RTM Part 1, RTM Part 2, Update 1, Update 2 features, and Update 2 fixes.)   STL Features   /std:c++latest enables the following new features: P0025R1 “clamp()”, P0185R1 “is_swappable, is_nothrow_swappable”,… Read more

C/C++ Cloud Services Survey

Hi everyone, The  C++ team is conducting a survey to better understand cloud services needs for C++ developers across all platforms. The information you provide will be used to improve the experience for C++ developers  connecting to cloud services. The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Take the C/C++ Cloud Services survey… Read more

July Update for the Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension

At //Build this year we launched the C/C++ extension for Visual Studio Code, with this July update to the extension we would like to thank all of you who have tried out the C/C++ extension in Visual Studio Code and have already provided rich feedback on your experiences and filed issues and requests with us. If… Read more

C++ Unit Testing Survey (Summer 2016)

Hi everyone! The Visual Studio C++ team is conducting a survey to learn more about your C++ unit testing experiences. We’ll use the feedback to make improvements to Visual Studio in the future. The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Take the C++ unit testing survey Thanks for your feedback! Cheers, Augustin Popa… Read more

Bing Developer Assistant, now with C++ support

Head over today to the Visual Studio blog for some exciting announcements coming from our friends in the Bing team: Bing Developer Assistant just released a new version that brings C++ support From the post: With the addition of 43 Million C++ code samples, our total corpus is now of 64 Million code samples. In addition… Read more

Cocos2d-x Visual Studio Android Project

In the world of game development , Cocos2d is one of the biggest names out there. The open source Cocos2d framework has been the backbone of a vast number of top selling apps and games, provides support for a number of programming languages, and targets a massive variety of devices. Currently, Cocos2d-x (the C++ version of… Read more

Debugging Tips and Tricks for C++ in Visual Studio

When we write software our goal is to create correctly functioning applications the first time. Unfortunately, it rarely works that way and we spend a significant amount of time and effort debugging problems in the code rather than adding new value. Fortunately, when issues arise that need investigation Visual Studio ships a world class debugging… Read more