Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension October 2017 update

Yesterday we shipped the October 2017 update of the Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension. Following the lightbulb suggestions for IntelliSense include path feature that was shipped last month, we’re adding another feature to make IntelliSense setup easier – support for the compile_commands.json file, eliminating the need for manually configuring includes and defines. In addition, this… Read more

Visual Studio 15.5 Preview 1 Productivity Improvements: Structure Visualizer, Ctrl + Click Go to Definition, Faster Find All References, and More

Visual Studio 2017 Update 15.5 Preview 1 brings you a number of productivity and performance improvements that will save you time as a C++ developer. For this release, we brought two features from the Productivity Power Tools extension inside the product: the Structure Visualizer, and Ctrl + Click to Go To Definition. In addition, we… Read more

Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension September 2017 Update – more IntelliSense goodness!

The Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension has had over one million downloads in the past two months! We are very happy to see so much interest in the most popular C++ extension for Visual Studio Code. Even more exciting for us last week was the release of the September 2017 update, which brings in many… Read more

Latest and Greatest in Visual Studio 2017 for C++ developers

Daniel Moth and Steve Carroll shared what’s new in VS 2017 and Updates for C++ developers at CppCon yesterday. You can grab the slides from the talk here, or here in PDF format. A video of the talk is available on YouTube: If you’re at the conference stop by our booth on the fourth floor to… Read more

The Microsoft C++ team is at CppCon 2017

The Microsoft C++ team is at CppCon 2017. Take our survey, attend talks by our team members, and drop by our booth to say hello! Visual Studio team members are presenting in a great set of talks this year: C++ Development with Visual Studio Code Rong Lu, Monday at 3:15 PM What’s New and Upcoming in… Read more

CMake support in Visual Studio – CMake 3.9, Linux targeting, feedback

Visual Studio 2017 15.4 Preview 2 is now available and includes enhancements to Visual Studio’s CMake tools.  The latest preview upgrades CMake to version 3.9, includes better support for independent CMakeLists, and supports targeting Linux directly. Please check out the preview and try out the latest CMake features.  If you are just getting started with CMake,… Read more

Two-phase name lookup support comes to MSVC

This post written by Tanveer Gani, Stephan T. Lavavej, Andrew Marino, Gabriel Dos Reis, and Andrew Pardoe “Two-phase name lookup” is an informal term that refers to a set of rules governing the resolution of names used in a template declaration. These rules were formalized more than two decades ago in an attempt to reconcile… Read more

Visual Studio extensions for C++ developers in Visual Studio 2017

In this blogpost we want to highlight several Visual Studio extensions that can make your life better as a C++ developer if you’re using Visual Studio 2017 or considering upgrading.   We have also heard from many of you that not having certain C++ extensions available on Visual Studio 2017 was preventing you from moving to… Read more

A new C++/WinRT update is available

A new update of C++/WinRT is available on GitHub! C++/WinRT is a standard C++ language projection for the Windows Runtime, implemented solely in header files. The C++/WinRT team has been quiet since their announcements at CppCon 2016. They’ve made a lot of progress in this update, leading up to the first public release of the… Read more

Visual C++ for Linux Development with CMake

In Visual Studio 2017 15.4 you can now target Linux from your CMake projects. This enables you to work on your existing code base that uses CMake as your build solution without having to convert it to a VS project. If your code base is cross-platform you can target both Windows and Linux from within… Read more