C++/WinRT Available on GitHub

C++/WinRT is now available on GitHub. This is the future of the Modern C++ project and the first public preview coming officially from Microsoft. https://github.com/microsoft/cppwinrt C++/WinRT is a standard C++ language projection for the Windows Runtime implemented solely in header files. It allows you to both author and consume Windows Runtime APIs using any standards-compliant… Read more

C++ Core Check code analysis is included with VS “15”

Visual Studio “15” Preview 5 now includes the C++ Core Guidelines Checkers. This means you no longer have to install the C++ Core Check package from NuGet to check your code against rules and profiles in the C++ Core Guidelines. Just configure Code Analysis to include the C++ Core Check extensions. You can configure Code… Read more

C++14/17 Features and STL Fixes in VS “15” Preview 5

Visual Studio “15” Preview 5 is now available.  (As our previous changelog explained, VS “15” is an IDE version number, not a year.  It’s the next major version after VS 2015, which was IDE version 14.  VS has different numbers for its year branding, IDE version, and C++ compiler version.)   Preview 5 adds support… Read more

Compiler Tools Layout in Visual Studio “15”

This post was written by Andrew Pardoe, Mark Levine, and Iyyappa Murugandi. You’ll see many improvements for C++ developers in Visual Studio “15” as soon as you load your first project. But some of the changes in the product aren’t so obvious. One in particular might surprise you: we’ve moved where the MSVC compiler toolset… Read more

Faster C++ build cycle in VS “15” with /Debug:fastlink

Continuing with our goal of further improving developer productivity with Visual Studio “15” there have been major investments made for also improving incremental developer builds. The developer incremental build is one where a developer changes a single or multiple source files and builds. The time spent in these builds is almost equal to the time… Read more

Faster C++ solution load with VS “15”

The Visual C++ product has had projects ever since its inception.  Visual C++ had its own IDE up through Visual Studio 6.  Starting in Visual Studio .NET, C++ moved to a new IDE shared by Visual Basic, C#, C++, and other tools.  This new IDE used COM everywhere and items in the Solution Explorer were… Read more

Visual Studio “15” Preview 5 Now Available

Visual Studio “15” Preview 5 is now available. Read the official announcement on the Visual Studio blog. Highlights for C++ developers include: Faster project load, coding, and debugging for C++. The C++ Core Checkers for enforcing the C++ Core Guidelines are now distributed with Visual Studio. Enhanced support for C++11 and C++14 features, as well as… Read more

Visual C++ Compiler Version

This blog was written by Gabriel Dos Reis and Mark Levine. Starting with VS “15” Preview 5, the Visual C++ Team is monotonically updating the value of the built-in preprocessor macro _MSC_VER at every Visual C++ toolset update. Why? Thanks to the investments and progress that the Visual C++ Team has been making in the… Read more

CMake support in Visual Studio

This article describes the current proof-of-concept support for CMake in Visual Studio. As we evolve the experience in upcoming preview releases, we will continue to update the content here. What is CMake CMake is a cross-platform open-source tool for managing build processes across multiple platforms by abstracting away native build environments and compilers. CMake interprets a… Read more

C++ IntelliSense Improvements – Predictive IntelliSense & Filtering

IntelliSense is one of the most commonly used features in Visual Studio. With it, developers can write code more efficiently and learn more about their codebase at the same time. In a sense, IntelliSense is both a guide and a productivity feature. We understand the importance of having a powerful IntelliSense system which displays highly… Read more