Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension June 2018 Update

Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension June 2018 Update Today we’re very happy to announce the availability of the June 2018 update to the C/C++ extension for Visual Studio Code! In this update, we are continuing our efforts to make IntelliSense configuration easier by auto-detecting compile_commands.json files for IntelliSense, significantly improving recursive search performance, making browse.path… Read more

Spring 2018 Visual C++ Migration Survey

The Spring 2018 Visual C++ Migration Survey is now open. Please take a few minutes to share your experiences, positive or not so positive. If you have not migrated your solutions and project to Visual Studio 2017, please let us know why. This survey is a way for us to better understand your migration issues  , your… Read more

Use Boost.Hana via vcpkg with the latest MSVC compiler

Overview As we continue to work towards improving the conformance of the MSVC compiler for the C++ community, we would like to enable more C++ libraries, and today we are bringing Boost.Hana to Visual C++.  Building on our recent C++ conformance progress, customers can now use Boost.Hana with the VS2017 15.7 update after we’ve applied… Read more

Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension May 2018 Update – IntelliSense configuration just got so much easier!

Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension May 2018 Update – IntelliSense configuration just got so much easier! This morning we shipped the May 2018 update of the C/C++ extension for Visual Studio Code, the most significant update to this extension in its 2-year history! 😊 The team has been working extremely hard for the past month… Read more

Macro Expansions in Quick Info Tooltips

With Visual Studio, we’re always looking for ways to save developers time and make them more productive. A good way to do this is to look at C/C++ language features that are difficult to work with, and make it easier to understand them. Today, we’re looking at macros. Macros are always a pain to deal… Read more

Recently completed UserVoice Suggestions for Visual Studio

In our blog posts on the Visual C++ Team Blog, we often encourage readers to submit suggestions on how to improve Visual Studio via UserVoice. We review these suggestions regularly and often work to incorporate them into future releases. This post aims to provide an update, expanding on our previous entry on completed UserVoice suggestions, and… Read more

Announcing: MSVC Conforms to the C++ Standard

Achieving conformance with the C++ Standards has been a long road for the Visual C++ team. If you’ve seen us at any conferences lately, you’ve probably seen the MSVC Conformance slide. (You can grab a copy of the slide or watch the 2017 CppCon talk here.) Finishing the features on this slide – which includes… Read more

CMake Support in Visual Studio – Code Analysis and CMake 3.11

Visual Studio 2017 15.7 Preview 4 is now available and we have added a few more CMake features in addition to the Targets View and single file compilation added in Preview 3.  We keep the version of CMake that ships with Visual Studio as fresh as possible, so we have updated it to version 3.11. … Read more

Announcing a single C++ library manager for Linux, macOS and Windows: Vcpkg

At Microsoft, the core of our vision is “Any Developer, Any App, Any Platform” and we are committed to bringing you the most productive development tools and services to build your apps across all platforms. With this in mind, we are thrilled to announce today the availability of vcpkg on Linux and MacOS. This gives… Read more