MSVC Preprocessor Progress towards Conformance

Why re-write the preprocessor? Recently, we published a blog post on C++ conformance completion. As mentioned in the blog post, the preprocessor in MSVC is currently getting an overhaul. We are doing this to improve its language conformance, address some of the longstanding bugs that were difficult to fix due to its design and improve… Read more

Shared PCH usage sample in Visual Studio

This post was written by Olga Arkhipova and Xiang Fan Oftentimes, multiple projects in a Visual Studio solution use the same (or very similar) precompiled headers. As pch files are often big and building them takes a significant amount of time, this leads to the popular question: is it possible for several projects to use the same pch… Read more

Support for Unity (Jumbo) Files in Visual Studio 2017 15.8 (Experimental)

This post was written by Olga Arkhipova. Many big codebases use so-called unity (jumbo) builds where many source files are included in one or a few ‘unity’ files for compilation, which makes compiling and linking much faster. Just to avoid any confusion – this blog is NOT related to the Unity game engine. Looking at… Read more

Announcing C++ Just My Code Stepping in Visual Studio

In Visual Studio 2017 release 15.8 Preview 3 we’re announcing support for Just My Code stepping for C++. In addition to previously supported callstack filtering, the Visual Studio debugger now also supports stepping over non-user-code. As you “Step In”, for example in an algorithm from the Standard library with a custom predicate or in a… Read more

CMake Support in Visual Studio – Configuration Templates

Visual Studio 2017 15.8 Preview 3 is now available and it includes several improvements to the CMake tools. In addition to a few fixes we have simplified the way you can configure your CMakeSettings.json file by adding configuration templates. If you are new to CMake in Visual Studio, check out how to get started. Configuration… Read more

New, experimental code analysis features in Visual Studio 2017 15.8 Preview 3

The Visual C++ team has been working to refresh our code analysis experience inside Visual Studio. We’re aiming to make these tools both more useful and natural to use and hope that they’ll benefit you no matter your workflow, style, or project type. Trying out new features In Visual Studio 2017 version 15.8 Preview 3,… Read more

Convert Macros to Constexpr

Visual Studio 2017 version 15.8 is currently available in preview. Today, Preview 3 has been released, and it comes with several features that improve the developer productivity experience. One key theme in 15.8 is code modernization, and macros are a key target for that. In 15.8 Preview 1, we announced the ability to expand macros… Read more

Announcing Template IntelliSense

C++ developers using function templates and class templates can now take full advantage of IntelliSense within their template bodies. In Visual Studio 2017 15.8 Preview 3, when your caret is inside a template, a new UI element called a “Template Bar” appears next to the template definition. The Template Bar allows you to provide sample… Read more

Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension June 2018 Update

Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension June 2018 Update Today we’re very happy to announce the availability of the June 2018 update to the C/C++ extension for Visual Studio Code! In this update, we are continuing our efforts to make IntelliSense configuration easier by auto-detecting compile_commands.json files for IntelliSense, significantly improving recursive search performance, making browse.path… Read more

Spring 2018 Visual C++ Migration Survey

The Spring 2018 Visual C++ Migration Survey is now open. Please take a few minutes to share your experiences, positive or not so positive. If you have not migrated your solutions and project to Visual Studio 2017, please let us know why. This survey is a way for us to better understand your migration issues  , your… Read more