New VB XNA Sample – showing Xbox, Windows and Phone targetting

For all those who have started venturing into developing windows phone applications, there are quite a few samples utilizing Silverlight, but the XNA content has been a little bit light.     (We are working on getting some more XNA VB samples online).  But for those wanting to see a nice VB example of XNA development,  the Blackjack… Read more

New Async Programming Video’s

Some great new video’s on MSDN showing how to do async programming using the Async CTP. There are different versions of video’s for both VB and C#.    This is a great opportunity to see the power of the new Async languages featuresand follow through a series of examples showing how easy it is to… Read more

Micro-framework v4.2 Support for Visual Basic

The release of .NET Micro framework v4.2 Beta brings Visual Basic support for the .NET Micro-framework.     For those that have not heard of the Micro framework before “The .NET Micro Framework is .NET for small and resource constrained devices. It offers a complete and innovative development and execution environment that brings the productivity of modern… Read more

The Temple of VB (Matt Gertz)

Hi, all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted to this blog, and a lot has happened in my world since then.  Though I’ve been pretty busy on our engineering systems team, I took a little time off last summer to do some traveling and, more importantly, some long overdue writing.  Although I’d always enjoyed writing… Read more

WebMatrix Series #1: How to Create Visual Basic Websites Using WebMatrix

  Microsoft WebMatrix is an exciting new product that makes the creation of custom ASP.NET Web sites possible without all the complexity of the full Visual Studio environment. WebMatrix supports web site development in both C# and Visual Basic. In this blog post, I will demonstrate how to create VB websites using Webmatrix. Before you begin,… Read more

Silverlight 4 Firestarter Series #3: How to work with Panels, XAML, and Controls in Silverlight

I am back with details on how to work with Panels, XAML, and Controls in Silverlight. In this walkthrough, we will see how to work with Panels, XAML, and Controls to create a Data-Driven Silverlight Interface. During this walkthrough we will cover the following topics: How to use the Visual Studio 2010 Silverlight Designer, Cider… Read more

Silverlight 4 Firestarter Series #2: How to migrate an ASP.NET Web Forms Application to Silverlight

In this walkthrough, I will demonstrate how to convert an existing ASP.NET/jQuery application that consumes data from a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service to Silverlight. Here are some topics that we will cover: How to use the Visual Studio 2010 Silverlight Designer XAML and Silverlight control concepts How WCF services can be integrated into Silverlight… Read more