Holiday fun with LinQ, and LinQ technologies in mind

OK, so when you’re playing around with LinQ and all it’s various additional bits, you really do get to have a bit of fun. I’ve made this available simply because i enjoyed doing it. The basic idea is to time and then compare the duration of various ‘IsPrime’ implementations. The ‘client’ simply allows you to… Read more

Key VB Hotfixes Available for Download

We’ve heard from you that popular hotfixes should be a public download rather than requiring a call to support.    Based your feedback, we’ve launched a pilot program that will allow you to download the most frequently requested Visual Basic 2005 hotfixes without having to contact Microsoft Developer Support.  For more information about this pilot… Read more

Interop Roadmap – UserControls, MDI, and Data

Recently the VB team released the Interop Forms Toolkit, which allows VB6 developers to extend their existing applications using .NET.  The toolkit allows developers to write a regular Windows Form in VB.NET, click “Generate Wrapper Classes”, and then call those forms from VB6.  It also provides mechanisms for firing and handling events, and sharing application… Read more