Announcing TypeScript 0.8.2

We’re happy to announce the 0.8.2 preview release of TypeScript.  This release has been focused on  addressing key usability feedback and filling in tooling experiences.  Along the way, we’ve also incorporated some of the highest-rated feature requests and bugfixes. JSDoc Support Being able to see API documentation comments during Intellisense and parameter help has been… Read more

Working on 0.8.2

We’ve recently branched for the upcoming 0.8.2 release of TypeScript.  Before we talk about what’s new, we wanted to talk a bit about the engineering process that goes into making a release. Going forward, TypeScript development will happen across three types of branches.  Our current two branches of ‘master’ and ‘develop’ stay, taking the roles… Read more

Announcing TypeScript

Since releasing TypeScript 0.8.1 a few weeks ago, we have heard a few reports of issues blocking the usage of source-map based debugging.  To address these, today, we’ve made available TypeScript, a bugfix release of 0.8.1.  This preview focuses on further refining the debugging experience and addressing rough edges in our initial support for… Read more

Congratulations to Fuse Labs on the New Socl!

Congratulations to Fuse Labs on releasing the new version of Socl!  Fuse Labs was an early supporter of TypeScript, and they played a key role in helping to shape TypeScript into a language for web development at scale.  It’s been great to see grow and use TypeScript to rapidly prototype and build the new site…. Read more

Announcing TypeScript 0.8.1

Announcing TypeScript 0.8.1 We released the first public preview of TypeScript last month, and have been excited to see the great reaction from the developer community.  Since the preview, we’ve seen an influx of suggestions and bug reports, integration into various build and testing tools, and declare files for a variety of existing JavaScript libraries. … Read more