The TypeScript Team is Hiring!

The TypeScript team is hiring!  We’ve been growing, and we have lots of exciting plans ahead. Here are some of the things you’ll do as part of the TypeScript team: Work on the compiler – Every compiled language needs a compiler, and TypeScript has a good one.  As we add language features and continue to… Read more

Developing in TypeScript on a Mac with Sublime

Within the TypeScript team, many of us have Macs that we use for development. We’ve also heard from some of you that you’d like to use your OS X machines to build TypeScript projects. So recently, we’ve been focusing on building a natural and rich developer toolset for Mac and Linux fans. Starting with TypeScript… Read more

Using TypeScript in Visual Studio Code

With the recent announcement of Visual Studio Code, there have been a lot of questions about how to get started writing TypeScript.  In this quickstart, we’ll create a simple TypeScript project.  Out of the box, Visual Studio Code supports TypeScript 1.5 beta and using either the node or Visual Studio command-line compilers.  For this quickstart,… Read more

Announcing TypeScript 1.5 Beta

We have continued work on the TypeScript 1.5 release, and today we are one step closer.  You can now try out the TypeScript 1.5 beta as a download for VS 2015 RC, VS 2013, npm, or as source.The beta represents further progress to the final 1.5 release, with many bugfixes, support for a new metadata… Read more

Announcing TypeScript 1.5 Alpha

Today we’re announcing TypeScript 1.5 Alpha, the first preview of the TypeScript 1.5 release.  This release shows off many of the features that will be in the final TypeScript 1.5 release.  In the alpha release, you’ll be able to use three new capabilities of the TypeScript tools: a richer ES6 experience, decorators, and a new… Read more

Guest Post: Gil Amran talks about using TypeScript at Wix

I’m pleased to share a contributed post from one of TypeScript’s community members.  Today, guest writer Gil Amran from the Wix development team talks about using TypeScript to build WixStores, some of the advantages and challenges of using TypeScript, and what they learned doing so. A big “thanks!” to Gil for telling us about the… Read more

Angular 2: Built on TypeScript

We’re excited to unveil the result of a months-long partnership with the Angular team. This partnership has been very productive and rewarding experience for us, and as part of this collaboration, we’re happy to announce that Angular 2 will now be built with TypeScript.  We’re looking forward to seeing what people will be able to… Read more

TypeScript Developer Survey Results

Last week, we invited you to complete a survey on TypeScript usage. Our goal was to learn more about how developers use TypeScript so that we can make better decisions about how to address your needs in the language and tools in the future. Thanks to the 1,082 developers who responded to the survey. We… Read more

TypeScript Developer Survey

We have a short survey for TypeScript developers to help us better gauge the community and direct our efforts. If you’re using TypeScript, you can help us out by filling out the survey and sharing the link. If you’d like to share more directed feedback with the team, feel free to log an issue on GitHub or post… Read more

Announcing TypeScript 1.4

Today we’re happy to announce TypeScript 1.4. With TypeScript 1.4, we’ve continued to build new features that help you work with more JavaScript patterns, create richer typings, and use new ES6 features. You can try these improvements out as part of Visual Studio 2015 CTP5, Visual Studio 2013, NPM, and as source. Type System Improvements… Read more