Making New TypeScript Projects a Breeze

One of the goals of TypeScript has always been to make writing JavaScript projects a clean, easy, and simple process. We’re always looking at where things could be improved and listening to the community to get ideas on how to do this better. You may’ve recently heard the term “JavaScript fatigue” thrown around to describe… Read more

New TypeScript Website

Today we are thrilled to release a new TypeScript website! The new site delivers a fresh design, more up-to-date documentation, and soon a new series of quick start guides. Documentation TypeScript is developed on GitHub, and as such, all of the documentation is written in markdown on the TypeScript Handbook repo. This is primarily done… Read more

Announcing TypeScript 1.8

Today we are thrilled to announce the release of TypeScript 1.8. In the TypeScript 1.8 Beta release blog post, we highlighted some of the key features that are now available to TypeScript users – how JavaScript in TypeScript compilation provides a great way forward to start converting your JavaScript projects to TypeScript, improvements to JSX/TSX… Read more

Announcing TypeScript 1.8 Beta

Today we are releasing a beta of TypeScript 1.8. There are quite a lot of changes coming in the 1.8 release, so please check them out and send us your feedback. TypeScript 1.8 beta is available for Visual Studio 2015, NuGet (Compiler and MSBuild task), npm, and straight from the source. For npm users, make sure to use the following command:… Read more

Announcing TypeScript 1.7

Today, we are thrilled to announce the release of TypeScript 1.7 along with the availability of Visual Studio 2015 Update 1. This release enables async/await by default for ECMAScript 6 (ES6) targets. It also adds support for polymorphic ‘this’ typing, proposed ECMAScript 2016 exponentiation syntax, and ES6 module targeting. For a complete change list, check… Read more

What about Async/Await?

We’ve heard your feedback that you’re excited about async/await in TypeScript. Async/await allows developers to write to asynchronous code flows as if they were synchronous, removing the need for registering event handlers or writing separate callback functions. You may have seen similar patterns in C#. TypeScript’s async/await pattern makes use of Promises, much like C#’s… Read more

Announcing TypeScript 1.6

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of TypeScript 1.6.  This release adds support for React/JSX, class expressions, and a rich set of new capabilities in the type system. It also provides stricter type checking for object literals. You can download TypeScript 1.6 for Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio 2013, on npm, or as source. React/JSX Designed… Read more

Introducing TypeScript npm nightlies

To make it easier to try out the very latest in TypeScript, we’re now publishing the TypeScript nightly npm package.  You can try this out using: npm install -g typescript@next We’ve set this to update each night, and we timestamp each release.  You can see what version you’re on with the –version commandline switch: C:\Users>tsc… Read more

Announcing TypeScript 1.5

Today we’re happy to announce the release of TypeScript 1.5.  This release took an alpha, a beta, and your help to get here.  It’s a big one, so let’s get started! TypeScript 1.5 is part of the newly released Visual Studio 2015.  You can also get a separate download for Visual Studio 2013, npm, and… Read more