Visual Studio Code is now shipping with Anaconda!

For everyone from enterprise programmers to data scientists, Python is one of the most popular dynamic languages for software development. Anaconda, the most popular Python data science platform, provides 6 million users with a streamlined Python environment on Windows, Mac or Linux. And starting today, Visual Studio Code, Microsoft's free and cross-platform code editor, is included in the Anaconda distribution!

Visual Studio Code can easily be installed at the same time as Anaconda, providing a great editing and debugging experience for Python users, with special features tailor-made for Anaconda users. This is another example of Microsoft’s continued investment in the Python community, following our release of an official Python extension for VS Code, strong support for Python in Azure Machine Learning Studio and SQL Server, and Azure Notebooks, which has been increasingly adopted as a learning platform by leading universities such as the University of Cambridge. Microsoft is committed to helping Python developers build anywhere and on any platform.

The Microsoft Python Extension for Visual Studio Code is the heart of our Python experience. Its original creator now works full time on the extension, with the rest of our Python core developer team. Since creating a team around this beloved extension, we have extended support for Anaconda environments, streamlined its linting support, closed over 150 issues submitted by our great community, and we are only just getting started! The Microsoft Python Extension for Visual Studio Code is actively developed in our GitHub repository, and is the most downloaded extension in the VS Code marketplace with over 6 million downloads to-date, and a 4.7/5.0 rating.

Download Anaconda 5.1 now and check out the Visual Studio Code Python experience! Let us know what you think by providing us with feedback at our GitHub repository.

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  1. Royi says:

    When installed through Anaconda, is it installed system wide or just specifically for Anaconda?

    Moreover, could you please create a Portable version of VS Code?

    Thank You.

    1. John Lam says:

      It is installed system-wide.

      What do you mean by a portable version of VS Code? Do you mean one that simply runs out of a directory? If so, that already exists – you can download VS Code as a .zip file which can run out of a directory. You lose auto-update by doing so, however.

  2. Erick says:


    I installed vscode using anaconda and when I’m trying to open the anaconda navigator, vscode starts up. After that, I tried to run cli.js and
    I’m having this error:

    node “c:\Program Files\Microsoft VS Code\resources\app\out\tempCodeRunnerFile.js”
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe[9516]: src\ Assertion `args[0]->IsString()’ failed.
    1: node::DecodeWrite
    2: node::DecodeWrite
    3: std::_Vector_alloc<std::_Vec_base_types<v8::CpuProfileDeoptInfo,std::allocator > >::_Mylast
    4: v8::internal::wasm::SignatureMap::Find
    5: v8::internal::Builtins::CallableFor
    6: v8::internal::Builtins::CallableFor
    7: v8::internal::Builtins::CallableFor
    8: 0000025B657043C1

    1. Erick says:

      I’m using node 9.5 btw.

      1. Erick says:

        There’s an issue between node.js and vscode. After you downgrade your node version (i.e. 6.10.3) you can execute the script without any issue. Have you guys checked that part?

        1. John Lam says:

          Erick – would you mind opening an issue on the VS Code Github for this? That way you can track what’s going on with this bug. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  3. It just struck me that the title may be a bit misleading for those who don’t know. Visual Studio Code does not include Anaconda; however, ‘Anaconda now includes Visual Studio Code’.


  4. Gary says:

    Beautiful! Just now installed Anaconda and VS Code. I love the fact that VS Code was embedded or included as part of the overall setup! Everything downloaded, installed, and launched fine.

  5. song says:

    I have already have miniconda/anaconda on my computer, how do I install Visual studio code in Conda? I couldn’t find the repo for VS code. Do i still need to download vs code and install it?

  6. Brian Herman says:

    Nice, could you guys integrate anaconda into powershell when it installs.

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