Don Jayamanne, creator of the Python extension for Visual Studio Code, joins Microsoft

I'm delighted to announce that Don Jayamanne, the author of the most popular Python extension for Visual Studio Code, has joined Microsoft! Starting immediately, Microsoft will be publishing and supporting the extension. You will receive the update automatically, or visit our Visual Studio Marketplace page and click "Install".

Python has a long history at Microsoft, starting with IronPython, Python For Visual Studio, the Python SDK for Azure, Azure Notebooks as well as contributing developer time and support to CPython.

While some people like using a full-featured IDE such as Visual Studio, others prefer to have a lighter weight, editor-centric experience such as Visual Studio Code. Don has been working on the Python extension part-time for the past couple of years. We were impressed by his work and have hired him to work on it full-time, along with other members of our Python team.

What does Microsoft Python team publishing the extension mean?

For all practical purposes the transition should be transparent to you. Additionally:

  • The extension will remain open source and free
  • Development will continue to be on GitHub, under the existing license
  • More dev resources means (generally) faster turnaround on bug fixes and new features
  • Official support will be provided by Microsoft

For this first release we're focusing on fixing a number of existing issues and adding a few new features such as multi-root and status bar interpreter selection (a complete list of changes can be found in the changelog).

Note: If for whatever reason you would prefer to continue to use the extension as Don released it prior to joining Microsoft, you can uninstall the Python extension and then download the VSIX file and install it manually. Note that no further development will be done in the old GitHub repo.

We're hiring for Visual Studio Code / Python!

We're hiring devs immediately to continue and expand work on our Python support for Visual Studio Code. If you are passionate about developer tools and productivity, this could be an ideal endeavor! The ideal candidate has a mix of IDE (editor/debugger), JavaScript/TypeScript, and Python in their background, and experience writing plugins for VS Code is a big plus. If you bring something really special to the table we can consider remote, but ideally you would plan to relocate to our Redmond offices. If interested, please send your resume to with the subject: "VSC-Python".

Comments (51)
  1. Matthew Wolffsohn says:

    A very pleasing bit of news. Good job and congratulations to Don!

  2. Bro says:

    Great news! Hopefully poor guy didn’t have to crack that coding interview for a few months.
    Maybe is the chosen one to implement editor grid view so VSCode finally has everything and is the best minimalist IDE.

  3. Andrea Tulimiero says:

    Cool guyz, this means I’ll definitely keep using VS Code for Python programming 😀

    Congrats to Jon, he’s done a great job !

  4. Venkatesh says:

    Great News. Congrats, Don!

    I see the new repo doesn’t have the old issues asscoiated yet, is that something in progress?

    1. Thanks, yes, we’ll be moving the old issues to the new repo.

  5. Ali Cetin says:

    Wow!! This is amazing, congrats Don! Excellent extension!

  6. Ole K says:

    Congratulation Don Jayamanne.

    It was also a pleasure to work with you on the “Git History (git log)” extensions ( .

    I wish you all the best


  7. Claudio says:

    Great news, I love the python extension.
    It’s great news that now Don is part of the MS team and it will have full time support.

  8. Fuzuli Hameed says:

    Congrats Don! It’s pleasing to hear that you are with Microsoft and it is proof of your hard work. Keep up the good work. Sure VS Code gonna rock and attract more Python dev’s.

  9. Jerome Anthony says:

    The VSCode has become the go to python IDE because of Don’s plugin. Congratulations and keep going.

  10. RewrZ says:

    I use Python and VSC, it’s great news for me!

  11. vimiix says:

    Good news! 🙂

  12. Dmytro Kyrychuk says:

    Sound great!

    Although, I’m not sure if interpreter selection is something people need that often. It was fine for me to have it in the Command Palette.

    1. Brett Cannon says:

      You’re right that it wasn’t a “need”, but a “nice to have”. And it did help surface an issue when people didn’t know they needed to explicitly select an interpreter when one wasn’t explicitly found (which can happen on Windows if you didn’t have ‘python.exe’ added to your PATH).

  13. M. Jamil Rahman says:

    Your Python Extension very usefull. Congratulations Don Jayamanne ^_^

  14. Tony says:

    Congrats, Don!
    Congrats, Microsoft!

  15. Eduardo Cruz says:

    Every time I fire up VS Code to code python I say to myself “…that Don guy ROCKS!” (and I code python pretty much everyday).

    Kudos to The Don!

  16. ralexx says:

    Excellent news. Congrats on the new shop, Don.

  17. joellecruz says:

    This is the first extension I installed and the mostly used extension I have up till now. Great job Don for creating the extension, the support you brought to improve this. And congratulations on your new role within the Microsoft VS Code team.

  18. li says:

    Good News! Enjoy using vscode to write python code.

  19. Taner Ozdas says:

    It has been a very good move for the development of open source programming languages. it seems that more beautiful things will come out in the future.

  20. Ryan Ellis says:

    Great news! – keep up the awesomeness!

  21. Chris says:

    Awesome. Congrats!

  22. Amaël says:

    Great news.
    What about other extensions made by Don Jayamanne ? I am thinking here to “donjayamanne.jupyter”.

    1. Brett Cannon says:

      We’re just starting to talk about that, but we’re planning on something around Jupyter in the future.

  23. How do I set the interpreter on windows?!
    I shift ctrl p – to get the commands,
    I write: Select Workspace Interpreter and nothing is found
    I write: Python: Select…. and see Select interpreter.
    I select that and it gives info: Python extension now by Microsoft.
    I press and it takes me to this page. Not very helpful, would you agree?

    1. Brett Cannon says:

      If you’re using the latest version of the interpreter then you should see something in the status bar. See for instructions. If it still doesn’t work then please file a bug at .

  24. Khanh Nguyen says:

    My best extension is Git history and Python, and they all make by Don. Congratulations!

  25. Chris Patti says:

    This is exciting news! I’ve been telling people for months that VS Code is one of the best Python editing / development environments around!

  26. Clite Tailor says:

    Just simple: “I like it!”

  27. Great news!! thank you for such a great work 🙂

  28. Dino Hensen says:

    Good news! Maybe Microsoft can put some force in motion to make auto-import python modules better than pycharm!

    1. Brett Cannon says:

      Please feel free to give a “thumbs up” reaction to to help us prioritize that work.

  29. How cool is that! Awesome to hear that Microsoft adopts this great extension.

  30. Amazing news! I’ve been using the extension for a long time now and it has been great Don Jayamanne have done great works and I’m glad for him for this opportunity he sure has earned I can’t wait to see what you guys will do now together!

  31. changan1995 says:

    cool news, good for the vsc envrionment

  32. dingli says:

    Amazing tools, thank you. I have been use it for one year.

  33. Zhipeng Wang says:

    Great news, congrats Don! 🙂

  34. JJJJJack says:

    Awesome! the best py ext

  35. Jacob Church says:

    Don, your extension is dope!

  36. John Lin says:

    Wish list: I hope I can pretty-print my code by a printer.

  37. Great News! VisualCode just got more interesting!

  38. kder78 says:

    I want to learn Python in the right way

  39. Luke says:

    That’s great the developer’s getting paid for the great work on that plugin. Hopefully there will be time and resources to get the Python3 support fully working.

  40. Bob Oliver says:


  41. Mattias Flodin says:

    “Official support will be provided by Microsoft”. What does that mean? Where do I go to get support for the Python extension?

    1. Brett Cannon says:

      You can file issues and such at or ask a question on Stack Overflow at, all of which are monitored by those of us on the team.

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