Building and Running an Auditing Solution on Blockchain

If you are in the NYC area on Feb 21, Premier Developer consultant Razi Rais will be hosting an event to demonstrate how to build and run a fully functional blockchain based audit trail application. The first half is a good fit for both business and technical audiences, as it covers auditing scenarios using blockchain….

First Look Into Blockchain

There’s been a ton of buzz about Blockchain lately (Bitcoin anyone?) so what better time to highlight this video from Premier Developer consultant Razi Rais on understanding Blockchain technology. Since last year, I have been spending time with customers understanding how blockchain can help them improve/replace existing processes. It’s relatively a new technology but evolving…


Creating Developer’s Docker Linux Virtual Machine on Azure

This post on creating Linux virtual machines with Docker in Azure comes to us from Premier Developer consultant Razi Rais. For an upcoming developer event on Docker I had to create handful of Linux Ubuntu virtual machines on Azure with Docker and few additional software installed on it. I looked into couple of ways to…


Homomorphic Encryption 101

In this article from his blog, Premier Developer consultant Razi Rais covers some of the basics of a powerful security & privacy tool – homomorphic encryption. I was recently exploring methods for improved privacy using various encryption schemes and stumbled upon Homomorphic Encryption that has a huge potential  in that area. I do feel that…


DevOps with Containers

This post from Premier Developer consultant Razi Rais talks about his recent Channel9 video series on using Containers for DevOps. Recently I did a video series for Microsoft Channel9 on DevOps with Containers (thanks to Lex Thomas and Chris Caldwell for recording these). The idea was simple- show and tell how container technology can help…


Developer’s Guide to Automated Install of ADFS On Windows Server 2016 (TP4)

In a recent article on his blog, Premier Developer Consultant Razi Rais outlines the steps required to set up a developer environment instance of Active Directory Federation Services on the current Technical Preview (TP4) of Windows Server 2016.  Here’s a snippet of Razi’s article, be sure to follow the link to his blog for the…